Heritage Hilton: The 1930’s inspired hotel to open late 2019

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Heritage Hilton: The 1930’s inspired hotel to open late 2019
Heritage Hilton: The 1930’s inspired hotel to open late 2019

Award-winning architecture firm Bates Smart is set to embark on a second collaboration with M&L Hospitality in the restoration of the heritage Equity Chambers Building including the venue’s iconic grand hall. The two-part design featuring the 6-floor pre-existing building and a brand new 16-floor tower will serve as Melbourne’s next Hilton Hotel.

Located on the corner of Little Queen and Bourke Streets, the building will retain its original structure and intricate architectural detailing, highlighting the opulence of travel and hospitality during the 1930s.

A new modern tower will be constructed right behind the original building, with an open-air courtyard connecting the two structures. Working closely with the Heritage Council of Victoria, the team have redesigned the building thoughtfully, to ensure the new design remains true to the style of its original architects Oakley & Parkes.

Heritage Hilton: The 1930’s inspired hotel to open late 2019
Hilton's golden lobby. Credit: Bates Smart

“We were mindful of the heritage character of the site. The new building provides a respectful backdrop and is designed with a calm and ordered façade system that responds to the uses within. As the building rises the façade’s glazing increases to make the most of the surrounding city views.”

- Julian Anderson, Bates Smart Director

The Hilton Melbourne will also include an elegant bar, executive club lounge, guest gym, meeting rooms as well as a pre-function space. Construction will be undertaken by Multiplex with an expected completion of late 2019.

“This project brings a new chapter to a beloved heritage building and makes a notable contribution to the urban renewal and evolving character of this part of Melbourne’s CBD and this has been carefully respected in the interior of the Hotel.”

- Jeff Copolov, Bates Smart Interior Design Director

Heritage Hilton: The 1930’s inspired hotel to open late 2019
Hilton from street view. Credit: Bates Smart

The first collaboration of Bates Smart and M&L Hospitality was the construction of the Hyatt Regency, Sydney in 2016.

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