Hawthorn's Queens Avenue notches its sixth current apartment project

Hawthorn's Queens Avenue notches its sixth current apartment project
Mark BaljakAugust 22, 2017

Hawthorn's Queens Avenue is emerging as an apartment hot spot of sorts, as developers realise the worth of converting the light industrial and commercial strip into a higher density apartment enclave.

Running parallel to Burwood Road, Queens Avenue now has six apartment developments in progress. The latest to emerge via City of Boroondara is 21-27 Queens Avenue which is seeking to add a further 66 apartments within a 9-storey building.

Leinard Constructions Pty Ltd is the owner and prospective developer of 21-27 Queens Avenue, with Rothelowman tasked the development's design.

Hawthorn's Queens Avenue notches its sixth current apartment project
21-27 Queens Avenue with Queens Avenue and Agustra. Images: Rothelowman, FKD & Ascui & Co

Should 21-27 Queens Avenue progress successfully through planning, it will join a handful of fellow apartment projects bringing change to the area.

Bond Hawthorn and the CHT Architects-designed Queens Avenue Apartments are currently under construction, jointly adding 103 apartments. The former also maintains a second frontage to Burwood Road, as does 563 Burwood Road.

Design practice Ascui & Co currently maintains a relevant presence along Queens Avenue, responsible for three of the six current projects. Along with 563 Burwood Road which backs onto Queens Avenue, Ascui & Co have also created 22-24 Queens Avenue and 4 Queens Avenue which has been marketed as Augusta Apartments.

Although the above three projects have yet to reach fruition, Ascui & Co were also the design driver behind Syracuse Apartments at 8 Queens Avenue; a project of 26 apartments which was completed during 2015 and was the first high-density residential development to grace Queens Avenue.

All told there are 229 apartments currently in development along Queens Avenue; not a particularly large number in Melbourne's larger apartment market, but a sign nonetheless that another well positioned commercial/industrial strip is heading down the path of apartment development.

Hawthorn's Queens Avenue notches its sixth current apartment project
Queens Avenue construction activity as seen from Burwood Road

Incidentally, 21-27 Queens Avenue is the fifth current project designed by Rothelowman within Hawthorn to enter the Urban.com.au Project Database.

Earlier this month, City of Boroondara provided a Notice of Decision for 538-542 Burwood Road, which will see 25 dwellings above a cafe and a retail space within a 7-storey building. The Rothelowman creation went to planning as a green-covered residential building sitting aside the historically significant Zion Particular Baptist Church at 536 Burwood Road.

Other current Hawthorn projects under the Rothelowman banner include the at sales duo of Sierra Hawthorn and The Kent at 382 Burwood Road, plus the approved 9 Montrose Street.

Hawthorn's Queens Avenue notches its sixth current apartment project
The Kent and 538-542 Burwood Road. Images: CDG & Rothelowman

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