Hawthorn in construction mode

Hawthorn in construction mode
Mark BaljakSeptember 23, 2014

A little over a year ago Urban.com.au ran a piece on Hawthorn, highlighting the increased number of apartment developments aiming to begin construction, with a high concentration around Burwood Road. Fast forward to earlier this week and the latest crane was erected in the area, marking Hawthorn and Hawthorn East as apartment hotspots.

Since the August 2013 article Urban.com.au has tracked 492 apartments through to completion within Hawthorn over a number of developments, ranging in size from 20 apartments to Atria's 249 apartments. Providing upwards of 1000 new residents for the suburb, the number of apartments completed is nearly matched by the number either under construction or due to commence.

Hawthorn in construction mode
Syracuse gains its crane, joining the Hawthorn ranks

Currently tower cranes are present on four of the six major apartment projects under construction in the area. Brilliant Hawthorn, Syracuse, My Place and Hawthorn Hill constitute those four projects with Averi and 8 Montrose also in the construction mix. Combined these six under construction projects add a further 447 apartments around Burwood Road, with the exception of Averi which is located south of the strip.

Further west along Camberwell Road, Leo Apartments, Elmington and Solstice are at varying stages of construction. Together these add an additional 264 dwellings to the Camberwell Road strip between Burwood Road and Burke Road which has in recent years become a desireable location for buyers in its own right.

Hawthorn in construction mode
Aerial perspective of 18-22 Lilydale Grove and the wider area. Image courtesy Interlandi Mantesso

Looking ahead Hawthorn Black at 5 Montrose Street and Luton Lane are due to begin construction shortly whilst ICD Property's 124 Burwood Road is expected to be released for sales in the not too distant future. Beyond the current group of apartments under construction a number of approved/at planning projects are set for Lilydale Grove with 18-22 Lilydale Grove and 24 Lilydale Grove in the Urban.com.au Project Database.

JD Group's 196 Burwood Road is a prime example of the multitude of large, low-rise development sites within Hawthorn and Hawthorn East falling under the control of property developers with sizeable apartment projects in mind. And it's for this reason that certain areas of Hawthorn and surrounds are set to continue their rapid transformation into high density enclaves.

To see a current images of Hawthorn and the aforementioned projects, visit the dedicated Hawthorn forum thread.

Mark Baljak

Mark Baljak was a co-founder of Urban.com.au. He passed away on Thursday 8th of November 2018 after a battle with cancer. He was 37. Mark was a keen traveller, having visited all six permanently-inhabited continents and had a love of craft beer. One of his biggest passions was observing the change that has occurred in Melbourne over the past two decades. In that time he built an enormous library of photos, all taken by him, which tracked the progress of construction on building sites from across metropolitan Melbourne.

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