Greensborough station to be rebuilt in Hurstbridge Line second phase upgrade

Greensborough station to be rebuilt in Hurstbridge Line second phase upgrade
Greensborough station to be rebuilt in Hurstbridge Line second phase upgrade

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the second phase of upgrades to the Hurstbridge Line that promises to increase peak hour services through Melbourne's north-east, should the Andrews Government be re-elected.

The $530 million project will see Greensborough station (pictured above) rebuilt as well as implement track duplications between Greensborough and Montmorency stations and between Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen stations.

Spring Street says it will allow trains to run every 6-7 minutes from Greensborough, every 10 minutes from Eltham and Montmorency and every 20 minutes from the end of the line stations at Hurstbridge, Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen.

The project also includes improvements to the Clifton Hill junction to cater for an extra five-morning peak services to be run on the Mernda line.

The omission of track duplication between Montmorency and Eltham appears to be related to the Eltham Trestle Bridge which has local heritage protection and a re-elected Andrews Government would seek to 'protect this important piece of Melbourne's history with planning work to be carried out for a long-term solution as part of the project'.

Greensborough station to be rebuilt in Hurstbridge Line second phase upgrade
Grange Road in Alphington had its level crossing removed as part of phase one - image: LXRA

The first phase of Hurstbridge upgrades included removing the Grange Road level crossing in Alphington, removing the Lower Plenty Road level crossing in Rosanna and duplicating the track (which included a new tunnel) between Rosanna and Heidelberg stations.

Under previous governments, the Hurstbridge line has seen other upgrades including duplicating the bridge from the Clifton Hill junction across the Merri Creek into Westgarth.

Clifton Hill's junction is not grade separated at present - South Morang/Mernda trains headed to the city not only conflict with Hurstbridge line trains heading to the city, but they also conflict with Hurstbridge line trains heading out of the city.

The Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan also announced upgrades to Donnybrook and Wallan stations which will see the V/Line service area stations have their platforms extended, car parks expanded, access roads altered and pedestrian access will also be improved.  Wallan will see an extension of its waiting room, new bathrooms, more bus bays and more bike facilities.

The Donnybrook and Wallan upgrades are costed at $24 million and funded through the joint state and federal government $1.57 billion Regional Rail Revival Program.  

Regional Rail Revival will see a multitude of upgrades to all the various lines, some of which - specifically on the Ballarat line - are precursor projects to wider electrification and metro expansion projects to Melton for instance.

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