Greens add Melbourne Metro 2 to their 2018 election platform

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Greens add Melbourne Metro 2 to their 2018 election platform
Greens add Melbourne Metro 2 to their 2018 election platform

The Victorian Greens have announced that as part of their 2018 election pitch, $100 million would be allocated to begin the planning for the Melbourne Metro 2 project, which seeks to build a rail tunnel from Clifton Hill to Newport via Fishermans Bend, and link the Mernda and Werribee train lines.

In policy documents published on the Greens' website, the party describes Melbourne Metro 2 as "a sustainable alternative to mega road projects like the East-West link, the West Gate Tunnel, and the North East Link by providing residents in Melbourne’s North, West and Fishermans Bend with reliable high capacity metro rail service."

The Greens cite preliminary costs devised by AECOM and PWC for Infrastructure Victoria's 30 year infrastructure strategy  - $15 billion to $23 billion 'over 10 years' - and for the most part, a map drawn up by the party depicts the same number of stations as the project that was modelled for Infrastructure Victoria.

The promised $100 million would be used to pay for a business case, detailed costings, and a cost-benefit analysis to "define the best alignment and technical requirements for the implementation of the project."

Greens MP for Prahran and Transport spokesperson, Sam Hibbins, said "Melbourne Metro 2 is The Greens alternative to the old parties’ obsession with toll roads, and is essential to reduce congestion and protect Melbourne’s liveability with a growing population."  He added "No party can have any credibility on public transport unless they commit to planning for Melbourne Metro 2 now."

The Greens policy pledge also includes creating a new branch line from the Mernda line to Wollert, and extending metro services from Werribee to Wyndham Vale.

Greens add Melbourne Metro 2 to their 2018 election platform
The Greens' vision for Melbourne Metro 2 - image: The Greens Victoria

In Fishermans Bend, the party's map remains neutral on station placement simply referring to Fishermans Bend station 1 and 2.  Like in the Fishermans Bend draft framework plan where it appears the Greens' policy platform is drawing inspiration, there have been two alternative routes (and therefore two sets of station placements within the renewal area) proposed.

Both alignments include a station located within the Sandridge Precinct, with the choice then between a station within the Employment Precinct or the Wirraway precinct.

The new branch line to Wollert would start at Lalor according to the Greens policy and include 4 new stations to service the new suburban areas stuck halfway between the new Mernda extension and the Craigieburn line.

The party cites a 117% population growth figure by 2031 in regards to the Wyndham Vale extension where, at Black Forest Road, a new station would be built to facilitate interchange between Geelong regional services and Metro to better service the East Werribee National Employment and Innovation Cluster.

Both the Wollert and Wyndham Vale extensions would be studied as part of the Melbourne Metro 2 planning process.

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Discussion (6 comments)

Adam Ford's picture

"This week, the Greensparty in Victoria committed themselves to building Melbourne Metro 2, which is really a bit like Caligula committing his horse to the Roman Senate in terms of its impact on reality. We present an alternative vision - with lower costs and more benefits. Read on ..."

theboynoodle's picture

Of course they can't deliver it. But they're the third party in the state and might, conceivably, have real influence. If that means that they can kick off the real planning process then that's good. If digging is necessarily 3-4 years away, why not use that 3-4 years to get ready to dig? And who doesn't want the state election after the current state election to be a 'referendum on Metro 2 (oh, and probs still the East West Link, amiright?)

As for your alternative proposal.. I like that you've given me a station two blocks from home. The downside of skipping Southern Cross is that it's location is bang in the middle of the CBD/Docklands office heartland, so that's a bunch more people being dropped off a tram ride/train change/respectable walk away from their workplace. I'm not a huge SXS fan (especially as long as at that crucial corner with Collins Street remains totally unsuitable for the pedestrian footfall) but if you want to get people to and from work, it's great to enable aw many people as possible to get there without changing. Whether that would justify the additional cost of an entire new CBD tunnel is another matter.

Clem Newton-Brown 's picture

Given the total inability to ever deliver on this I can’t believe any news outlet would even bother to give airing to this press release. The Greens won the seat of Prahran in 2010 (from me!) and despite a “policy” to connect the metro to south yarra station they have not even been able to achieve this incremental approval (Despite their “influence”). To announce a whole new tunnel is just fanciful stuff. It may be a great idea but it will never be delivered by the Greens

AGH's picture
The Coalition have 12 times the number of lower house MPs than the Greens and they haven't been able to connect metro to South Yarra station either. Not much influence there either.
And I would've thought it's the job of any news site related to transport and planning to report on all the parties' policies in the upcoming election. The Greens aren't the only ones advocating for MM2, plenty of transport experts think this is essential to ensure Melbourne is a liveable and accessible city.
Whereas your lot just want to build more tollroads.
theboynoodle's picture
@ Clem Newton-Brown

The Green's can influence by talking about something, via the media and with other pollies, to see if they can persuade the government to take on an idea. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. There was obviously no convincing Labour to spend the extra to connect MM1 to South Yarra. Like AGH says, the Libs didn't manage it either.

Another way for the Greens to influence is to have votes which the government needs. That's not the case right now, but it might be in three months. If you're a politician, of any stripe, you know this. You know how it works and you know that the Green party in Victoria is a relevant voice. And maybe the fact that you don't realize that most of us know this, contributed to the good people of Prahran booting you out.
Jim McMillan's picture
Adam’s ‘Wombat Metro 2’ raises some interesting issues:
As a fellow of the genus Vombatus which loves tunnelling, I should wholeheartedly applaud, but…
The NDPMR Stage 4 (2030s) plan predicts a peak 24 TPDPH through the MM1 tunnels. We’re going to add 15-20 from MM2?
Also, I don’t believe even Premier Dan in his pending Big Transport Policy is going to spring for MM2 AND full Airport Rail tunnels in the same generation. So, how to cut costs?
Adam’s map (I assume) calls for grade-separated junctions – one under the Yarra, one north of State Library. The civils and the disruption to existing services of digging four junction galleries and the extra tunnelling involved bending the conflicting MM2 spurs around their MM1 counterparts may make it cheaper overall to physically separate MM2 completely anyway.
If MM2 is to be built at all, the shortest and most-cost-effective line between Rushall and Newport is a straight line. Via Fishermans Bend - Parkville – SXS - Museum – Nth Fitzroy (for Clifton Hill group via BFELR-see below).
Anyhow, I have advocated elsewhere that Doncaster – Victoria Park – Museum - Docklands - Fishermans Bend – Newport should be a big fat express light rail line. Then build another big fat express light rail line extending the 11 tram at both ends: north to Wollert and south to Southbank. These would spread demand AND create new network destinations at less cost.
Do you then even need MM2? Talked myself out of tunnelling; damn!
Jimmbo Wombat, Kensington
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