Goldfields expands its footprint to Chatswood

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Goldfields expands its footprint to Chatswood
Goldfields expands its footprint to Chatswood

Following last month's approval of its commercial development at 627 Chapel Street in Melbourne's South Yarra, Goldfields has received further good news with Willoughby Council endorsing its proposal for a 85-unit residential tower in Sydney’s Lower North Shore of Chatswood.

Building on its portfolio of developments along the East Coast, the Chatswood development will be a further addition to Goldfields’ growing pipeline in New South Wales.
According to Goldfields, the approval of the Chatswood development marked a significant milestone for the company.

“We’ve established a strong presence in Victoria and spent much of 2018 focussing on our developments in Queensland, so expanding our footprint into New South Wales is an exciting opportunity for Goldfields.

It’s been a challenging 12 months for Australian property, however Sydney’s Lower North Shore is quickly becoming one of the most searched and desired places to live and work in Australia; and I see this trend continuing into 2020.

Our project in Chatswood will be one of the first approved developments under the Chatswood CBD Planning and Urban Design Strategy, so it is a great opportunity to bring high-quality mixed-use residential to an area that is demanding it.”

-  Marco Gattino, Managing Director of Goldfields

Chatswood is located 8 km north of Sydney’s CBD and the new development site is just 400m from Chatswood Railway Station and Westfield Shopping Centre.

The area is set to undergo extensive upgrades to Sydney’s rail network that will open the city’s Metro Northwest line in the second quarter of 2019, making the site’s walkability, convenience and accessibility a huge selling point for future buyers.

With approval from Willoughby Council, in hand the Planning Proposal will now proceed to the Department of Planning and Environment for Gateway Determination.

Goldfields aims to begin construction in September 2020.

Goldfields expands its footprint to Chatswood
Goldfields' Chatswood proposal has received the green light from Willoughby Council. Image: Goldfields


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