Ganellen tops out Stage 1 of Greenland's Macquarie Park project

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Ganellen tops out Stage 1 of Greenland's Macquarie Park project

Stage 1 of Greenland Australia's nbh at Lachlan’s Line in the north-west Sydney suburb of Macquarie Park has officially topped out, with the developer hosting a ‘topping out’ ceremony to mark the occasion.

Signifying the structural completion of the highest floor within the development, the ceremony was hosted on top of the 17-storey Nexus building with key representatives from Greenland Australia, project builders Ganellen, and other project consultants in attendance.

The first stage of the $220m master-planned project, designed by Bates Smart, comprises 592 apartments spanning four towers of 17, 14, 14 and 11 storeys and supported by 5,000 sqm of retail space.

The development’s residential towers – known as Habitat, Hideaway, Hearth and Nexus – will wrap around the future Lachlan’s Square, which is set to become the community’s key retail destination, lined with supermarkets, food emporiums and essential services, as well as day care and playground facilities for young families. 

Ganellen tops out Stage 1 of Greenland's Macquarie Park project
nbh at Lachlan's Line progress. Image: Supplied

What they say...

Macquarie Park’s strong business community and central location means it is fast becoming one of Sydney’s most sought-after residential suburbs.

The area is well serviced by major transport connections such as the nearby North Ryde Metro Station, which is only 200 metres from site, with nbh residents to have direct access to the CBD via the Metro when it reopens for business in mid-2019, courtesy of a new footbridge which is being built by Landcom.

Frequent bus services also run along the Epping Road corridor, and ultimately, these transport links will used by over 12,500 residents in the new Macquarie Park, which is set to become a highly connected urban village with a bright and promising future. Ganellen have been exceptional to work with and their team has ensured this project has remained on or ahead of schedule throughout.

The standard of their build is first-rate and will be integral in ensuring ‘nbh at Lachlan’s Line’ is a highly desirable community for the people of north-west Sydney when it completes in the second half of 2019.

- Sherwood Luo, Greenland Australia’s Managing Director


For a global Fortune 500 company such as Greenland to adapt and grow into the Australian market in such a short time is impressive.The relationship we have developed with Greenland Australia ensures our teams remain on track for an early completion, just as we did on Greenland’s Primus Hotel project in the Sydney CBD.

This success is a credit to Greenland and their ability to work dynamically with us at a local level, despite their global scale and footprint.

- Peter Maneas, Ganellen CEO

Ganellen tops out Stage 1 of Greenland's Macquarie Park project
Representatives from the project team at the topping out ceremony. Image

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