Future Cities' Toly & Irene share more details about their latest South Yarra development

Future Cities' Toly & Irene share more details about their latest South Yarra development
Olivia RoundOctober 7, 2019

What does it take to develop a multi-million dollar luxury home? Over 100 design iterations, a free electric car and endless customisation options, are a few features which set 94 River Street apart from any other luxury home in Melbourne

94 River Street is a new development in South Yarra comprised of three luxury homes which occupy an entire floor each. The apartments have been designed as individual homes, to be created with their own unique character. Tall house (as the name suggests) boasts opulent, high ceilings, giving the appearance of a gallery-like environment. Pool House features an exceptional north-facing lap pool, complete with lush, leafy surrounds. The final property has been coined Penthouse and will span over two levels, and include lavish indoor-outdoor space for entertaining.

Intrigued to learn more about this exciting development, we had a chat to Toly Mezhov & Irene Polo of Future Cities who shared some more insight into their highly anticipated new project. 

Urban.com.au: Congrats on the launch of your exciting project 94 River Street! What inspired you to embark on this development?

Toly Mezhov & Irene Polo: To create bespoke homes, vertically integrated into a sustainable built form in an urban location of South Yarra with walking access to all activities for a fabulous lifestyle. We look forward to living there.

U: Could you please describe each of the three homes – Tall House, Pool House and Penthouse – and who you envisage living there?

TM & IP: Tall House, as the name indicates is incredibly tall with ceiling heights ranging from 3.3m – 3.5m. A very unique gallery-like home of 335m2 internal and 55m2 of terraces and courtyards that break up the building with landscaping, natural light, serenity and airflow. Landscaping selections for this level respond to the orientation, solar access and plant species that thrive in this environment. Thus creating a real home with a sense of sanctuary, calm and healthy living environment. Whom we envisage living there? A special someone with an extensive art and furniture collection, a citizen of the world who loves to entertain when not globetrotting.

Pool House, a level up is a home of 245m2 internal and 88m2 of external wrap-around terrace and north-facing lap pool. Surrounded by lush landscaping gives the pool house a real sense of privacy and vistas over leafy South Yarra. The Pool House offers the versatility of making a fabulous young family home or an ultimate private sanctuary.

The Penthouse spans over 2 levels with 315m2 of internal space and a whopping 130m2 of external gardens. Sitting on top of the building positioned on the hill of River Street; the double story house gives a sense of personal kingdom with 360 views over South Yarra and beyond. A true house in the sky would suit a family or an accomplished couple with plenty of space for guests.

All houses include a secure 2 car garage in the lower ground level of the building to store your prized possessions and luxury collections. At ground level, each home further comes with a car spot (Penthouse with 2) and an electric BMW i3 vehicle. 

U: I know you have only released plans for Tall House at this stage, what secrets can you let our Urban audience in on about what to expect with Pool House and Penthouse?

TM & IP: We have approached the design to each home on a very individual level of refinement. Starting with the Tall House. We are extremely happy now with each house to let the market view all three houses. All houses are customizable; however, the Pool House and Pent House do offer an even greater degree of customization to suit the buyer’s requirements, options for vistas and amalgamations. 

Future Cities' Toly & Irene share more details about their latest South Yarra development
94 River Street's Tall House living room render. Credit: Hecker Guthrie
Future Cities' Toly & Irene share more details about their latest South Yarra development
94 River Street's Tall House bedroom render. Credit: Hecker Guthrie


Future Cities' Toly & Irene share more details about their latest South Yarra development
94 River Street's Tall House bathroom render. Credit: Hecker Guthrie

U: Which environmental features can we expect to see implemented within the 94 River Street development?

TM & IP: The way the building has been designed, each home has been orientated and outdoor spaces have been considered to provide a truly sustainable building that is landscaped extensively at each level. This level of landscaping drastically increases the thermal comfort and natural environment of each house thus reducing the need for heating or cooling. We need to change our cities from being concrete jungles; heat and carbon-producing sources. This building achieves this by replacing hard reflective surfaces with landscaping. 

When looking at the building from above, you will see terraced gardens with some sitting areas, a pool and solar panels.

The location of the development is within walking distance to all amenities, parks, commercial needs and even the CBD thus eliminating the reliance on vehicles. However, when the need arises, we are collaborating with BMW Australia in providing each residence with an electric vehicle for the day to day zip around town.

There will be elements of prefabrication and timber building systems which give a lower environmental footprint and less greenhouse gas emissions. Our environmental footprint will be calculated through a carbon-based lifecycle assessment tool with any carbon emissions, offset through the planting of trees and bush regeneration programs.

U: What do you think are the key selling points of the 94 River Street location?

TM & IP: Access to the neighbourhood of South Yarra, Cremorne, Richmond and Melbourne CBD through parkland and riverside walks. Sitting on top of the hill on River Street, you have everything you need within a stone throw. Unlike other areas of South Yarra, this location benefits and will further benefit from high-end mix-use developments at the Toorak Road end of River Street, Chapel Street and the emerging Cremorne design, tech and foodie hub. The effortless connectivity to the freeway network offers access in all directions of and from Melbourne.       

U: With a price range of $4-6 million+, what features of each home set this development apart from other luxury homes and penthouse apartments?

TM & IP: Apart from those described earlier, the price point per m2 is actually very competitive in comparison to other homes and penthouse apartments. Your home takes over the whole footprint of the building and is only one of 3. Probably also the degree of customization and design journey for a buyer at this stage of the development.

U: What gave you the idea to include a BMW i3 with each home?

TM & IP: The sustainability ethos and environmental benefits of the development’s walkable location; to further reduce the environmental footprint of our micro-community it is time to switch to electric vehicles and we want to set an example and offer this to our residents.

U: How many design iterations did you produce before deciding on the final plan?

TM & IP: Hard to put a number on it; well over 100. The Hecker Guthrie team have produced plans for a wide range of living considerations for how people may live in these homes. So, if there are any specific lifestyle needs that are being put to us by a buyer; we likely already have a solution for or can sit down with the team and swiftly iron out.

U: What do you personally believe symbolises an exceptional development, and what has been the most rewarding part of the process so far?

TM & IP: The degree of consideration to detail, the environment and timeless design to us symbolize exceptional development. The way how architecture, interior design and landscaping harmoniously connected in design development of the building and really took our vision to the next level is incredible and has been most rewarding. We can’t wait to build this building and live in it.  

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