Frasers Property invites EOI to design, construct & operate its rooftop farm at Burwood Brickworks

Alastair TaylorFebruary 14, 20180 min read

Unveiled in 2017, Frasers Property is now inviting expressions of interest to design, construction and operate the rooftop garden/farm in what seeks to be world's most sustainable shopping centre at Burwood Brickworks.

According to its enquiry page, the project is chasing accreditation under the Living Building Challenge which would result in the Burwood Brickworks the most sustainable shopping centre in the world.

The aim is to create an internationally recognised agricultural project on an urban scale unprecedented in Australia, promoting sustainability through fresh produce, education and events. It will strive to strengthen the link with nature and reconnect people with the food they eat.

Design of the space is still at concept level and we are seeking a partner to collaborate with in delivering:

  1. glasshouse of ~800 m²
  2. landscaped grounds of ~1,000 m².
  3. co-located restaurant/café/event space ~350 m²
Frasers Property

Following a community consultation session in October and November 2014, The City of Whitehorse adopted a master plan in January 2015.  The master plan was devised by Frasers Property - then known as Australand - that in turn resulted in the council drawing up amendment C170

The amendment saw the 20.5 hectare site rezoned with Residential Growth Zone - schedule 3, Commercial Zone 1, Neighbourhood Residential Zone - schedule 5 and a development plan overlay applied to the land affected.

The master plan envisioned up to 950 dwellings on the site in typologies ranging from detached houses to apartments in 6 level buildings, plus the shopping centre.

In 2016 a development plan was drawn up and opened for community consultation in February of that year.  The development plan went before Whitehorse City Council in July 2016 and was approved subject to various conditions. 

Construction is slated to start in mid-2018.

Frasers Property invites EOI to design, construct & operate its rooftop farm at Burwood Brickworks
Burwood Brickwork's rooftop garden & farm - image: Frasers Property

The Burwood Highway between Middleborough Road and Deakin University's campus is zoned Residential Growth Zone and there are multiple developments on the database that stand to benefit from the existing and to-be-built amenity on the brickworks site.

Collectively the 6 projects include potentially up to 266 new units in the short strip which fronts the #75 tram route on Burwood Highway.

See below for a list of other residential projects in the area.

Lead image credit: Frasers Property

Alastair Taylor

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