Former Century 21 Ultimate Wollongong estate agent Hakan Kutup on PaidOneExchange commission fraud charges

Former Century 21 Ultimate Wollongong estate agent Hakan Kutup on PaidOneExchange commission fraud charges
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020

The former Century 21 Wollongong real estate agent Hakan Kutup faced Wollongong Local Court yesterday.

Kutup faced court on fraud allegations.

He has been charged with 27 offences. 

Lake Illawarra detectives, with the assistance of the Office of Fair Trading, commenced an investigation in August into the alleged actions of Kutup.

Hakan Kutup, formerly of Century 21 Ultimate Wollongong, told the local paper, The Illawarra Mercury he would be fighting the charges in September.

Lake Illawarra detectives allege Kutup, 53, made false documents that claimed he had sold numerous properties and as a result would be entitled to the commission.

The alleged false documents included photo-shopped emails and letterheads purported to be made from solicitors and conveyancers located in the Illawarra, police allege.

They also include fabricated contracts of sales, fabricated agency agreement documents, false signatures and false bank deposits for the business that ran out of 4/ 74 Kembla St, Wollongong after being set up in 2009.

The documents were allegedly submitted to Paidonexchange Pty Ltd - a business that, for a fee, provides real estate agents their entitled commissions from the property up front, removing the need for the real estate agent to wait for the settlement.

As a result Kutup "made a total financial advantage of $263,755", police say.

They allege they also uncovered that Kutup misappropriated funds from a sale trust account to the amount of $220,515.

He was charged with 12 forgery offences, 12 fraud offences and three counts of fraudulent conversion of money.

Kutup was granted strict bail. 

The former Wollongong real estate agent, who faced court for the first time yesterday, had been a director at HKJS Holdings Pty Ltd (in liquidation) that formerly traded as Century 21 Ultimate (Wollongong).

In mid 2018 Century 21 removed HKJS of their C21 franchise with liquidation records suggesting the C21! HQ was owed $85,000.

The ATO was owed $185,000.

Kutup had previously worked at Park Trent.

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