FlipMatrix online tool seeks beta testers

Laurence DragomirJuly 6, 20170 min read

FlipMatrix is an innovative data-driven architectural software start-up which focuses on streamlining building design via an online tool that will be available in Victoria on mobile and desktop platforms.

FlipMatrix was initially conceived as a tool for architects as a viable alternative to inaccurate and unpaid feasibility studies which architects endlessly undertake in a bid to win work. It has since evolved into an automated tool which can be applied to all development typologies in an effort to cultivate speed, efficiency and accuracy for a variety of industry professionals and during different phases of the building design process.

As an example it could be utilised by architects, real estate agents and/or developers as a 'property calculator', aiding with the due diligence process.

Disrupting architectural designs through automation.

Lindy Hayter, founder, FlipMatrix

FlipMatrix comprises two main products:

  • Datascape: Automatic context models
  • Area: Property Development Area Calculator

Datascape is a product which automatically generates a downloadable 3D context model which includes property boundaries by supplying a valid address in Victoria.

Area allows you to enter the site address of your potential development and quantify the areas in real-time using a dynamic system while generating unlimited design iterations on any property in Victoria, factoring in zoning and your chosen design parameters, meaning you have the ability to override apects such as setbacks and you will have the option to enter your own inputs.

FlipMatrix also builds and stores downloadable 3D models and offers a comprehensive property report, development area analysis, as well as locating easements and surrounding amenities such as public transport & parks.

FlipMatrix was founded by Lindy Hayter who has 7 years experience in the industry.

FlipMatrix online tool seeks beta testers
FlipMatrix example output. Image: Supplied

It’s also been very important that we keep the infrastructure of our system flexible and dynamic with the agility to adapt along with technology.

Lindy Hayter, founder, FlipMatrix

FlipMatrix is now seeking industry beta testers and as development progresses, FlipMatrix will move into the software-as-a-service (SAAS) space which conducts near instantaneous architectural and development feasibility studies.

Area will allow clients to enter a property address into the site and have a comprehensive property report, architectural feasibility study (how many apartments you can put on the property), CAD architectural smart-plans, and 3D model returned back to them. Essentially, it would design the building for you at feasibility level in a very short timeframe.

Further to this, users will be able to change certain parameters of the design, allowing them to run a number of different design iterations, such as apartment sizes, the number of levels, and apartment mix and yield.

This will streamline the process for architects, property developers, public sector authorities and real estate agents to make quicker and more accurate decisions as to whether to proceed with a property purchase or property development.

Update: Thank you for the response thus far, registrations are now closed.  For more information about FlipMatrix, see the website.

Laurence Dragomir

Laurence Dragomir is one of the co-founders of Urban Melbourne. Laurence has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience working in both the private and public sector specialising in architecture, urban design and planning. He also has a keen interest in the built environment, cities and Star Wars.
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