Fishermans Bend proposals: an overview

Fishermans Bend proposals: an overview
Mark BaljakApril 24, 2015

The recent news that the State Government will proceed with a review of the Fishermans Bend Strategic Framework Plan means it's time to have a look at the current state of play up to this point.

The City of Port Phillip have been listing the majority of all proposed and approved planning applications within Fishermans Bend as part of any planning application that is lodged with the council within their part of the urban renewal area.

The latest applications which have been lodged and are currently being assessed by the City of Port Phillip are 165-167 and 179 Gladstone Street in South Melbourne.


Fishermans Bend proposals: an overview
The approved 15-87 Gladstone Street for sale. Image courtesy CBRE

Approved by the Planning Minister during 2010, prior to the rezoning of Fishermans Bend

​These eight projects provide for 4,349 dwellings or roughly 8,000 new residents for Fishermans Bend should they be built. This equates to approximately 10% of the envisaged final population of around 80,000 residents.


City of Port Phillip have given their provisional decision on the majority of all outstanding planning applications which have yet to be ruled upon by the MPA. Projects which have Council support include:

Applications which have not gained support or in which City of Port Phillip have marked concerns include:

It's worth noting that 60-82 Johnson Street is according to the MPA website close to a final decision, although their latest update was provided during January. It's believed the project is either approved or very close to.

Fishermans Bend proposals: an overview
60-82 Johnson street. Image courtesy Rothelowman

And of the rest?

City of Port Phillip are not listing any Lorimer Precinct project within their April application summary, given the area falls within the City of Melbourne. All the applications below essentially abut docklands, with ten towers spread across four development sites.

Very much present on either respective architect's website as being active, yet not present on either the MPA register or City of Port Phillip's summary are both South Melbourne projects seen below. One wonders where the fortunes of these two developments lie?


There are indeed two April PDFs in circulation at the moment, showing either MPA or COPP delegated projects. Safe to say both above projects and a handful of newly found planning applications are alive and well.

Mark Baljak

Mark Baljak was a co-founder of He passed away on Thursday 8th of November 2018 after a battle with cancer. He was 37. Mark was a keen traveller, having visited all six permanently-inhabited continents and had a love of craft beer. One of his biggest passions was observing the change that has occurred in Melbourne over the past two decades. In that time he built an enormous library of photos, all taken by him, which tracked the progress of construction on building sites from across metropolitan Melbourne.

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