First stage of Marcellin College's 10 year Master Plan complete

Laurence DragomirMarch 15, 20180 min read

The first stage of Marcellin College's 10-year master plan - the $20 million Hermitage Project is now complete.

Comprising the refurbishment of the iconic Hermitage building and the construction of a three-level extension, the project delivers on the Catholic Marist boys’ school's vision of creating new educational possibilities for the 1400 students.

First stage of Marcellin College's 10 year Master Plan complete
Old meets new at Marcellin College. Image : Supplied

The Hermitage project, designed by COX Architecture and built by Kane Constructions, is the first part of a major 10-year Master Plan for the College. The Master Plan has been designed to unlock the school’s potential by developing clearly defined precincts and creating next-generation learning and social spaces.

Additionally, the Master Plan identified a preferred development strategy to enable Marcellin College to deliver its facilities in the most strategic, cost-effective and efficient manner. The work completed to date, as well as that outlined in the ongoing Master Plan, reflects wider developments in education.

During the Hermitage refurbishment and into the future, the master plan also reduces disruption by ensuring the maximum number of classrooms remain operational and the overall construction period is minimised for each project phase.

The redevelopment provides for an additional 3,000 sqm of new education space, encouraging collaboration, socialisation and self-direction among the students. It allows for a range of pedagogical approaches that just weren’t possible with the outdated and constrained classrooms of the original building, which was built when Marcellin opened in 1950.

First stage of Marcellin College's 10 year Master Plan complete
A new central atrium links the new teaching wing with the Hermitage building. Image : Supplied

The project included a new central atrium linking the Hermitage building to an adjoining teaching wing with a diverse range of learning environments, staff zones, and social spaces, and a dedicated Wurundjeri indigenous garden.

A new front of house and office spaces for the Marcellin leadership team was constructed in the adjacent Marist House including a linkage between the two spaces, a new car park adjacent on the existing tennis courts - replacing the existing car parking spaces that were lost as a result of the Hermitage extension.

The project was completed on schedule for the beginning of the 2018 school year.

First stage of Marcellin College's 10 year Master Plan complete
The project includes a dedicated Wurundjeri indigenous garden. Image : Supplied

What they say

At Marcellin we are about developing flexible, independent, resilient and collaborative learners. Young men who not afraid to take risks in their learning, who are not afraid to fail, and who are creative and innovative in their approach. Our new facilities stimulate and encourage these traits through creative architecture and the innovative use of materials, colour, shape, angle and space. Our students appreciate the maturity of the new spaces they are engaging with and present themselves in kind.

The learning that is encouraged at Marcellin is as varied as the students themselves. Project based, team-oriented and self-directed learning is encouraged, and often the teacher is the facilitator rather than just someone who provides information. The development of the Hermitage project has transformed a restrictive, traditional classroom block into a vibrant, interactive, flexible and mature learning and community space that is sympathetic to the needs of contemporary learners.

- Mark Murphy, Marcellin College Principal

The new three-level annex and the refurbishment of the school’s existing foundation building provide spaces and places that prioritise student activity, movement and interaction. These will afford all students a much deeper learning experience and reflect developments in other educational institutions, including TAFE colleges and universities. In this way, they assist students to make the transition to further and higher education programs.

- John Hayball, Project Associate,COX Architecture

The process aligned the school’s vision, goals and objectives with the built form, providing the school community with a comprehensive document that will guide development through to 2025 and beyond. We undertook extensive staging planning to maximise available classrooms and reduce disruption for students and staff, minimising the effects of working in a live environment.

- Emelie Watkinson, Senior Project Manager, Montlaur

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