First Home Ownership and Brunswick Yard

First Home Ownership and Brunswick Yard
First Home Ownership and Brunswick Yard


Having worked in the industry continuously for many years, I have seen property trends come and go and come again, and I believe right now is a particularly interesting time. For the first time in many years, decades even, First Home Buyers have more opportunity than ever to get themselves onto the property ladder.

It’s been well documented that Millennials in particular have found buying their first home a lot more difficult than previous generations, so the government grants and stamp duty exemptions on offer right now are particularly welcome – however many people are not actually aware of what is available to them, or that they might be closer than they think to owning their own place.

Although it seems that word of all the assistance available is reaching a few savvy purchasers, our main source of enquiry are first home buyers at our newest project in Brunswick, Brunswick Yard. The combination of historically low-interest rates of c. 1% (cash rate) and government grants have really boosted appetite for entry-level property product. For first home buyers in particular, it's not servicing the loan that is the biggest problem, it's saving the deposit in the first place. Conversely, some people have come through the Melbourne Covid lockdown with more money in their savings accounts than previously, especially when you add in early superannuation withdrawal.

We are seeing that young people are viewing this time as a unique time to step onto the first rung of the property ladder and really capitalising on the government grants and financial assistance. There is a lot of movement in the market. The Residential Homebuilders Grant has been extended to the end of March 2021, albeit at a reduced rate of $15,000. The grant is available to individuals with annual income below $125k a year, or couples with a combined income of up to $200k based on 2018-19 tax returns.

First Home Buyers’ Grant is a Victorian state grant for property purchases up to $750k. The grant is for $10k for inner-city and $20k for regional locations. And most excitingly, First Home Buyers purchasing their first place up to $750K receive stamp duty
concessions. If your home has a dutiable value of $600,000 or less, you receive the first home buyer duty exemption (no stamp duty payable). However, if your home has a dutiable value of $600,001 up to $750,000, then you receive the first home buyer duty concession of 50% reduction of stamp duty.

What I believe to be the most interesting thing about all of the above, is that these grants and concessions can be compounded! So, if you are eligible for them all, then you could be saving yourself many tens of thousands of dollars! If you are looking to buy in the Brunswick area, and in particular are looking at off-the-plan projects such as the one my team and I are working on at Brunswick Yard, I would also impart advice on what to look out for to ensure you are putting yourself in a good financial position for the future.

We only work on projects that we believe are positive contributions to the area and our city. I believe that Brunswick Yard is a good example of how medium-density living can add to (not deflect from) inner-urban living and the built realm, as there is an important equation of location + design - price to consider. This is something especially true if the project is considerate to its community and the people residing and working in the area.

Firstly, location is everything. Location informs the character and identity of a building. In real estate, a corner site is always preferable because of the views and aspects it provides. A corner site also anchors the look and feel of the block.

Next, do your research on the architect and the developer. If they are well regarded and have a strong track record, then you can rest assured you are in safe hands and your project won’t fall behind schedule. Looking at our Brunswick Yard project from a design perspective, the architect, Chris McCue of Carr respects the urban landscape but is looking to add more nature for residences of Brunswick through biophilic design references through the building. Brunswick Yard is wrapped in a growing green vine which provides fresh air reticulation and privacy. There’s also a central courtyard that will bring light into the residences and provide a space for residents to have BBQs and makes it much more likely for meaningful interactions to take place which over time leads to a sense of community. The biophilia hypothesis is the idea that humans have a need to connect to nature due to our evolutionary dependence on nature for survival and personal fulfilment. 

Finally, one more hot tip would be on parking as it’s a contentious topic for purchasers. This too is well considered with Brunswick Yard with generous residential parking of 144 car spaces and 175 bike parks will alleviate traffic congestion in the community. Non-stacker parking is always attractive to residents!

Bryce Patterson

Bryce Patterson

Bryce has worked on a broad spectrum of projects that cover just about every demographic and configuration, from entry-level apartments through to high-end luxury residences, owner-occupiers to overseas investors. Bryce possesses a thorough knowledge of property development, together with an intimate understanding of every aspect of the sales and marketing process. With a genuine and straightforward approach, Bryce brings everything required to deliver a successful result.

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