First home buyers camp overnight to secure affordable property in Geelong

Olivia RoundNovember 11, 20190 min read

Victoria’s first home buyers are venturing further afield to secure their first lot of Australian soil – with many setting their sights on the burgeoning municipality of Geelong. A new residential development situated between central Geelong and the Surf Coast has caught the attention of first home buyers due to its uniquely affordable pricepoint. By 4 pm last Friday, prospective buyers were setting up camp at Harriott Armstrong Creek in order to place an early offer on their dream section first thing Saturday morning.

First home buyer Jesse White, a 22-year-old travel agent from East Geelong, was among the many buyers who camped onsite and secured one of the sought after sections.

First home buyers camp overnight to secure affordable property in Geelong
First home buyer Jesse White. Image supplied.

“There’s a lot of demand for reasonably priced land in a good location such as this so I was willing to camp out so I wouldn’t miss out. It’s a large growth area and it’s an exciting opportunity to have this as my first property purchase.”

The residential precinct is being delivered by Jinding Developments in partnership with Yolk Property Group and landowners the Harkness family. Currently, only a small collection of sections have been released, with 75% of sales contracted within the first hour.

It is likely that the rollout of remaining sections will also be staggered with further releases being brought to market as required.

Jinding Developments managing director Liz Ronson explains that first home buyer confidence is on the rise thanks to Harriott Armstrong Creek’s competitive price-point.

“The sales results from our first weekend ultimately show the confidence in the Armstrong Creek housing market and its growing popularity as an ideal place to live for first home buyers. We are pleased we can offer this lifestyle at such an affordable entry point and are overwhelmed by the commitment of those who camped overnight to make sure they secured their lot.”

First home buyers camp overnight to secure affordable property in Geelong
Sales commence. Image supplied.


  • The first stage of land lots varied in size with prices ranging from $199,000 for 221 square metres to $299,000 for 512 square metres
  • The land is situated on 94-hectares just 10 kilometres from Geelong CBD
  • Harriott Armstrong Creek is surrounded by natural wetlands, and close to existing shops, public transport, schools, and restaurants
  • An elevated community park will boast stunning views of Sparrovale wetlands

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