Doubletree by Hilton and East Central Tower define LongRiver's Box Hill aspirations

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Doubletree by Hilton and East Central Tower define LongRiver's Box Hill aspirations

LongRiver Group have ramped up their Box Hill development intentions. The privately owned property player is poised to launch a major apartment tower fronting Whitehorse Road whilst simultaneously working to secure the right to build Melbourne's latest DoubleTree by Hilton outlet.

820 Whitehorse Road's redevelopment came to light early last year, with Whitehorse Council ultimately granting LongRiver Group the right to proceed with the 30 storey building just prior to the turn of 2017. Valued at around the $200 mark, East Central Tower as it will be known is now accepting registrations of interest.

Included within the tower designed by Fender Katsalidis are approximately 280 apartments, 1,500sqm of residential facilities plus 3,000sqm of combined office and retail space.

Doubletree by Hilton and East Central Tower define LongRiver's Box Hill aspirations
East Central Tower is nearing its sales launch. Image: Longriver Group

East Central Tower's pending launch comes as LongRiver Group work on bringing DoubleTree by Hilton to Box Hill.

Integrated property and infrastructure consultancy APP have released details of the intended DoubleTree by Hilton tower at 874-878 Whitehorse Road. Whitehorse Council are still assessing the project which landed at planning late last year.

The new hotel, to be developed in the suburb of Box Hill, will be the second DoubleTree by Hilton in Melbourne. Box Hill is a major commercial hub in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs and is an area of strategic significance with planned growth in employment, housing, business, services and public investment.

Currently in the design phase, the hotel will include 200 stylish and comfortable rooms, a restaurant, bar and gym coupled with an array of contemporary amenities consistent with the DoubleTree by Hilton brand. 

DoubleTree Hilton is renowned for delivering upscale, full-service hotels and identifying key markets around the world, and the new development is no exception. Expected to open in 2020, the hotel is in a prime position surrounded by education, government and healthcare facilities and is anticipated to inject a fresh, energetic presence to the Box Hill area.


874-878 Whitehorse Road has an expected project value of $90 million.

Doubletree by Hilton and East Central Tower define LongRiver's Box Hill aspirations
DoubleTree by Hilton is headed for Box Hill. Image: APP

Whilst Box Hill has over recent years transformed into a favoured apartment market, it's only now that the suburb has gained traction in terms of attracting hotel operators.

DoubleTree by Hilton's 200 suites will follow The Chen, an Art Series Hotel containing 100 suites which is nearing completion as part of the larger Whitehorse Towers development. Also in play atop the hill are 150 approved hotel suites within Spotlight Property Group's 845-851 Whitehorse Road project and 77 serviced apartments as part of Golden Age Group's proposed 517-521 Station Street development.

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