DomaCom reduces 2020 capital requirements via extension of convertible notes

DomaCom reduces 2020 capital requirements via extension of convertible notes
Staff reporterDecember 8, 2020

Fractional investment platform provider DomaCom Limited announced that it had extended the term of the outstanding convertible notes by 12 months.

Extension terms

DomaCom has agreed to make a payment of A$300k + GST to secure the extension along with a revised nominal conversion price of 10 cents.

This agreement reduces the need for additional capital by A$3.6 million and positions the Company on a more secure footing, allowing it to focus on delivering the following key products: Equity Mortgage, Rent to Own, Essential Worker, and Senior Equity Release.

The notes were issued in late 2018. Specifically, DomaCom secured $2.95 million in funding through the issue of a Convertible Security to Thundering Herd Fund No. 1 and Thundering Herd Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based institutional investor [ASX Announcement: 10 December 2018].

New product overview

Equity Mortgage: This product is being developed to be Shariah compliant and is targeting the Australian Islamic community and other communities that are prohibited from borrowing money. As this product is aiming to provide a method of obtaining leverage for people wishing to purchase a home, it is not believed to be as exposed to negative property investment segment as normal property investment is expected to be. The Company is targeting a launch in Q3 2020.

Rent to Own: Work on this product is continuing with the Company’s first transaction expected to occur in May 2020. This product uses the developer distribution margin to provide a discount to investors whilst gifting equity to tenants each year.

Essential Worker: DomaCom is progressing its Essential Worker affordable housing product with one of Australia’s leading Community Housing Providers. This product aims to leverage the Government’s affordable housing lending facility to deliver a Rent To Own product for essential workers with a 25% discounted rent. This product is expected to be attractive due to low vacancy risk stemming from the security of the tenants’ employment (nurses, firefighters, teachers, police) in addition to the emotional impact of supporting our essential workers at this time. The targeted launch period for this product is Q3 CY20.

Senior Equity Release: Adviser accreditation for the Company’s Senior Equity Release product has commenced with the first group of advisers having completed the accreditation these past few weeks. The product is now on Approved Product Groups of four financial planning firms. DomaCom is currently preparing a campaign direct to the retirees to help identify those needing equity from their homes. COVID-19’s recent impact on self-funded retirees income has increased the market for this product.

 “It is pleasing that we have been able to secure an extension of our convertible notes. This is a significant outcome for us as it reduces our 2020 capital requirements by A$3.6 million. By reducing our need to raise capital, we will be able to better focus our efforts on launching the four new products currently in development.

"These products address key issues facing investors in Australia such as diversification, housing affordability and improved retirement outcomes. As our operations remain largely unimpacted by COVID-19, we hope to launch all of these products this year," DomaCom CEO Arthur Naoumidis said.

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