DesignBUILD coverage: Wrap-up of DAY ONE

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DesignBUILD coverage: Wrap-up of DAY ONE
DesignBUILD coverage: Wrap-up of DAY ONE

The highly anticipated DesignBUILD expo began on Tuesday, so here's a wrap up of what was discussed over the course of the day.

Key points covered:

  • Compliance and procurement
  • Modern slavery
  • Planning for a big Australia


Richard Choy from NATSPEC

Richard Choy kicked off the expo with a talk about construction quality and productivity, as well as the importance of documentation to avoid the use of non-compliant materials.

Choy also noted that the National Construction Code has already had 100 clause changes and 28 standards changes – meaning the industry must be knowledgeable of the constantly adapting continuum of building regulation, and not only choose compliant products, but also install them in a compliant manner.

Nicole Thompson from Edge Environment

Later in the morning, Nicole Thompson reiterated Richard Choy’s sentiment regarding the importance of good documentation to identify modern slavery risks within the supply chain. Thompson gave insight into how businesses can ensure they comply with regulations.

Francesca Muskovic from Property Council of Australia

Continuing the talk of modern slavery – Francesca Muskovic added that 'modern slavery' in the supply chain can be overcome with industry collaboration, sector-specific initiatives, procurement policies and innovative use of technology.

Collectivity Talks (panel)

The panel of industry experts discussed planning for big Australia and focused on the potential of three CBDs in central Sydney.

Rob Mirams of Fender Katsalidis (who was a featured panel member) explained the importance of cultural institutions in the emergence of new cities. Rob also elaborated on the idea of the creation of connectivity through mixed-used, high-density developments.

Craig Allchin from the University of Technology Sydney

Craig Allchin discussed the idea of shifting from ‘master planning’ to adopting a framework which reflects the change in modern society and focuses on interconnected communities.

For more information and to check out the DesignBUILD speaker line-up, click here.

DesignBUILD coverage: Wrap-up of DAY ONE
  • DesignBUILD coverage: Wrap-up of DAY ONE
  • DesignBUILD coverage: Wrap-up of DAY ONE
  • DesignBUILD coverage: Wrap-up of DAY ONE
  • DesignBUILD coverage: Wrap-up of DAY ONE

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