Demand for Hampstead Park in Maidstone continues as Stage 3 launches to market

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Demand for Hampstead Park in Maidstone continues as Stage 3 launches to market
Demand for Hampstead Park in Maidstone continues as Stage 3 launches to market

Following hot off the heels of the success of Stage 1 and 2 of the Hampstead Park, Bewise Property Group has wasted no time in releasing Stage 3 of its master planned development in Maidstone.

Bewise has a long development history in Melbourne, with a strong reputation for creating better communities and places for future living. With a focus on considered projects that achieve more than just a timely delivery, Bewise has a passion for innovative projects that positively contribute to cities and communities.

With only 5 townhouses remaining across Stages 1 and 2, Stage 3 of Hampstead Park provides purchasers with a rare opportunity to snap up 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses within 8km of the Melbourne CBD.

Demand for Hampstead Park in Maidstone continues as Stage 3 launches to market

Hampstead Park is being developed to a Master Plan conceived by ClarkeHopkinsClarke who are also responsible for the architecture, with Adele Bates providing expertise on the interiors of the townhouses.

According to ClarkeHopkinsClarke, the townhouses have been designed to "reflect a sense of individuality within a cohesive whole." Across each façade, a selection of brick, metal and timber creates an elegant material palette, with bespoke details adding unique touches of beauty to every home.

Internally, Adele Bates has applied a design philosophy centred around "comfort, liveability, sustainability and timeless style." In response to this philosophy, each home reflects the evolving needs of a family with multiple areas for entertaining as well as intimate nooks for quiet moments of solitude.

Extending the overarching themes of sustainability and natural connection, every home features a durable material palette that includes matt timber surfaces and tactile stones. A refined and sympathetic design also encourages residents to bring their own unique taste and style into all living spaces.

Demand for Hampstead Park in Maidstone continues as Stage 3 launches to market

Hampstead Park' is well located and in close proximity of a range of schools, shopping, dining and entertainment options, as well as the Maribyrnong River just minutes away providing residents with walking and cycling trails which encompass views of the city skyline. 

Highpoint Shopping Centre - the fourth largest shopping centre in Australia - is less than a five-minute drive away from Hampstead Park and provides over 500 stores, as well as Hoyts Cinemas and a Digital Imax theatre.

Footscray Market too, is only ten-minutes away, providing Hampstead Park residents with fresh produce from Tuesday to Saturday.

Braybrook College, Maribyrnong College and Footscray College, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College all a stone's throw away and Victoria University’s main campus located one suburb over in Footscray, along with Footscray College TAFE.

Speaking to late last year, INPG's Andrew Steele noted the value for money and lifestyle on offer at Hampstead Park.

"Buyers are always looking for value, now more than ever in this current market. At Hampstead Park we have been able to demonstrate outstanding value to our purchasers by offering large, luxuriously finished townhomes in the immediate vicinity of Highpoint Shopping Centre and only 8km to Melbourne CBD.

The reason we have seen such great success is that there are so many positive aspects to this master-planned community, real features that buyers are looking for, and we have been able to deliver them all at a truly affordable price."

- Andrew Steele, Sales & Marketing Manager at INPG

Steele says Hampstead Park represents an amazing opportunity for First Home Buyers to get in to the market within 8km to city. According to Steel, First Home Buyers will benefit from paying $0 stamp duty and will receive the FHB grant of $10,000 on all purchases.

Following the release of Stage 3, a further two stages will be released over the course of 2019.  

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