DADo Film Society launches its programme for 2016

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DADo Film Society launches its programme for 2016
DADo Film Society launches its programme for 2016

DADo (Design | Architecture | Docos), the film society of the Robin Boyd Foundation, has announced its 2016 season launching next Wednesday the 20th of April. The society is dedicated to the screening of documentaries + films on architecture, design + urbanism.

The 2016 program celebrates three partnerships with some of Melbourne’s keenest advocates of good design in Open House Melbourne, Assemble Papers and Open Journal.

Session 3 builds upon Assemble Papers’ focus on Small Footprint Living with the award-winning film documenting bold architecture projects on the remote Fogo Island in Newfoundland. The film embraces the excitement of living on the edge in relation to nature and contemporary design.

Session 4 showcases the deep love felt for the often-disparaged Brutalism movement to tie in with Open House Melbourne’s 2016 theme, ‘What’s the Beef with Brutalism.’ The feature film, Precise Poetry: The Architecture of Lina Bo Bardi marks the Brazilian architect’s 100th birthday by considering the sociopolitical constraints and personal events that would lead to the timelessness of her work.

Session 5 is partnered with Open Journal to celebrate the joy of living in good design. The session features a series of residents and their homes, including Penelope Seidler, Xavier Corbeo and Tim Ross. The night culminates in James Goldstein presenting the famous Sheats House by John Lautner, recently gifted to the Los Angeles County Art Museum (LACMA).

DADo Film Society launches its programme for 2016
Still from "Il Capo, 2010. Image coourtesy DADo

DADo's mission is to bring the best in documentaries and films on architecture, design and urbanism to Walsh Street, the house designed by Robin Boyd for his family in 1958. The aim of the films is to explore the relationship between film and the built environment and to promote a wider community appreciation and engagement with design.

While DADo’s focus is primarily on documentaries, they also screen feature-length and short films stretching from the Russian avant-garde to the present.  Screenings include themes such as modernism, architectural process, urbanism, aesthetics versus functionality, gender and utopianism.  Some films will be imported into Australia exclusively for members-only screenings, others will be classic favourites.  All films are either in English or with English subtitles.

Each screening features an invited guest speaker to kick off the conversation with their unique perspective on the film subject. Guest speakers include prominent architects and designers, academics, artists, film critics, and individuals whose interests and experience intersect with a particular film.

The DADo season is curated by a volunteer committee of keen architecture film enthusiasts made up of architects Fooi Khoo, Siew-Fung Then, artist Rose Nolan and landscape architect Vincent Chan Kun Wa. This year the committee welcomes two new members, Laura Phillips, Editor of Neometro’s Open Journal and Paris Thomson, founder of motion production studio SIRAP.

DADo is a not-for-profit organisation that is a member of the Federation of Victorian Film Societies and affiliated with the Australian Council of Film Societies.

The full program for 2016 can be viewed at 


‘Walsh Street’ 290 Walsh Street, South Yarra, VIC 3141, Australia

Screenings will take place at ‘Walsh Street’, home of the Robin Boyd Foundation and former home of Robin and Patricia Boyd.  All screenings will take place in the Living Room.

Doors open at 6:30 pm; program starts promptly at 7pm.

The entrance is by the red gate and steps leading up to the front door.  .

Walsh Street is a short walk from the No.8 Tram stop at the corner of Domain Road and Park Street or the 246 Bus route along Punt Road.

The Robin Boyd Foundation

The Robin Boyd Foundation continues the work and spirit of Robin Boyd through an active, innovative and ongoing series of public learning programs developed to increase individual and community awareness, understanding and participation in design.

The Foundation aims to deepen understanding of the benefits of design through:

  • Design Awareness
  • Design Literacy
  • Design Advocacy

The Foundation has been established in conjunction with Robin Boyd’s family. It is a separate legal entity, a registered charity with its own constitution, with members representing the Boyd family, the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (Victoria Chapter), the three faculties of architecture at University of Melbourne, Deakin University and RMIT University, and others with expertise, interest and commitment to the advancement of design.

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