Could Glen Waverley emerge as another eastern suburban apartment hub?

Could Glen Waverley emerge as another eastern suburban apartment hub?
Mark BaljakJuly 3, 2016

Glen Waverley is on the cusp of realising a handful of higher density projects within its designated activity centre. The tempered flow of projects doesn't necessarily correlate to the underlying demand for apartments within the suburb, if apartment projects such as Ikon and Galleria are any example.

Both managed to sell in near record time, with the latter selling 100 apartments in 90 minutes.

So demand is present and the structure plan is in place. Can Glen Waverley reach the heights of more established suburbs such as Box Hill and Doncaster, in terms of higher density living?

Could Glen Waverley emerge as another eastern suburban apartment hub?
Gone, gone… Galleria. Image: Plus Architecture

Essentially no, not to the same degree.

Box Hill is the unequivocal gorilla of the eastern suburbs apartment market for both number of projects and their sheer size; three more residential projects due to enter the Project Database will push Box Hill past 30 separate current projects. Doncaster too, punches hard with 22 separate listings. Lower in height yet denser is the order of the day on Doncaster Hill.

Glen Waverley, on the other hand, is shaping as a secondary eastern suburbs apartment hub, similar in many ways to Ringwood.

Peruse the respective structure plans and Ringwood's Transit City Study Area is discernibly larger than the Glen Waverley Activity Centre Structure Plan. It seems the demand is present within Glen Waverley, but the availability of land holdings ripe for higher density development may not be.

That's not to say Glen Waverley won't be without some landmark developments. In addition to The Glen's redevelopment which will deliver hundreds of new apartments, City of Monash has identified the Central Car Park site as an ‘Opportunity Site’ which is mandated to host a tower in excess of 10 levels.

Could Glen Waverley emerge as another eastern suburban apartment hub?
JTX International's Glen Waverley bid. Image: JTX International

Seen above is JTX International's bid for the Central Car Park. In addition to residential towers, a new town square, library and community meeting spaces are likely to be built in accordance with Council's wishes.

While City of Monash have yet to endorse a preferred bid publicly, the above scheme may give an indication as to what can be expected. It shapes as Glen Waverley's defining development.

In terms of what has actually entered planning, the most recent Glen Waverley high-density project currently before the City of Monash is 15-17 Marriott Parade, with the combined site selling for a record residential sales price of over $7 million.

The 2,169sqm plot is now subject to a four-level planning application with 63 apartments included, split between one and two bedroom options. Located on the periphery of the Glen Waverley Activity Centre, 15-17 Marriott Parade is opposite both the Ibis Hotel and City of Monash's headquarters.

Could Glen Waverley emerge as another eastern suburban apartment hub?
A rendered 15-17 Marriott Parade, Glen Waverley. Image: Architeria Architects

Mel Gawi of Architeria Architects provided the following comments regarding 15-17 Marriott Parade:

Architeria Architects were engaged to design apartments on this site and the brief was to create a stunning new landmark for Glen Waverley.

The design has allowed for soft and curvy corners, enhancing the principles of Feng Shui. Further, the building is shaped as a number 8, a prosperous number, as the two curves meet in the middle to expand along the sides. The internal courtyard allows for natural cross ventilation throughout all the apartments and creates an oasis for the residents to enjoy.

It has been an absolute pleasure to design an apartment building of this nature. As the site sits on the fringe of all activity, I believe the architecture will not only blend in with the higher density buildings across the road, but be a positive contribution to Glen Waverley in general.

Mel Gawi, Principal, Architeria Architects

Mark Baljak

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