Convertible Spaces: the next innovation in apartment living

Convertible Spaces: the next innovation in apartment living
Convertible Spaces: the next innovation in apartment living

Choosing from the immense range and sheer number of apartments on the market for the uninitiated buyer may seem a daunting prospect, but Melbourne-based developer Hamton has launched a new apartment configuration they believe will give their current Sanctuary on the River apartment project a glowing point of difference.

Designed by ROTHELOWMAN and dubbed ‘Convertible Spaces,’ a select number of one bedroom apartments within Sanctuary will feature a bedroom space capable of being incorporated into living space as required, with functional areas such as corridors becoming usable space without compromising apartment access.

Based on a system of integrated joinery placed through the open plan layout, ‘Convertible Spaces’ allows for a highly flexible, multi positioning option for dining, bedroom and lounge areas that otherwise would be fixed in position. In turn, living area can increase by 70% at the owners whim. This is best illustrated via the below video:

What they say

We're constantly striving to innovate with our product and ‘Convertible Spaces’ is the result of much research both domestically and abroad. Locations such as New York, London and Tokyo were studied given their high population and multiple compact living options available.

‘Convertible Spaces’ essentially delivers bang for buck in terms of utilising a compact apartment to its full potential; creating one large living space and maximising functionality. We believe that ‘Convertible Spaces’ has stepped into a gap evident in the market and we have only now released the product once we've been fully satisfied with its merits.

Sanctuary will feature only five apartments with ‘Convertible Spaces’ - an option exists for twenty existing purchasers to upgrade if the desire, with an element of that cost worn by Hamton.

Although Sanctuary is scheduled to be completed by July 2015, we're pushing contractor LU Simon to a completed ‘Convertible Spaces’ apartment finished in the new year which will act as a display suite.

Paul Hameister, Hamton Joint Managing Director

'Convertible Spaces’ allows you to make the most of your space. By day you can have a studio apartment and by night you can maximise your entertainment capacity by increasing your living areas.

By including a fold-down bed and moveable wall we add several metres to the apartment and offer occupiers an enormous amount of flexibility. When the bed is hidden away and the wall moved across into the bedroom area, the result is a 70% increase in living area".

The movable walls that transforms the apartment is itself a joinery unit continuing the Scandinavian theme whilst importantly providing useful functionality with a pull out pantry, soft close drawers and ample additional storage accessible from both sides.

Chris Hayton, ROTHELOWMAN principal

Paul Hameister on 'Convertible Spaces' and the current marketplace

Asked by on the state of the current Melbourne apartment market from a developers perspective, Paul Hameister began by suggesting that the recent changes to zoning and certain councils' stance toward development has led to an imbalance in the marketplace.

Convertible Spaces: the next innovation in apartment living
The right location can still sell itself. Image courtesy Hamton

Describing the current Melbourne CBD apartment market as "cooked", Paul Hameister asserts Hamton will continue to develop in inner city locations while avoiding the CBD. He elaborates that while certain areas are in or face a pending glut of generic apartments, other well positioned inner and middle-ring locations offering innovative, attentive living options are subject to under supply.

It's these locations that developers such as Hamton will continue to be drawn to, with 'Convertible Spaces' a likely key platform to future projects.

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