CLIK Collective brings co-warehousing to Moorabbin's Morris Moor

Laurence DragomirSeptember 8, 20180 min read

Co-working provider CLIK Collective is introducing co-warehousing and co-working to Up Property's Morris Moor development in Moorabbin, housed within a 6,000 sqm space which has bee designed to meet the requirements of local online retailers.

Formerly known as Kensington Collective, CLIK Collective provides businesses with flexible spaces, services and resources within a diverse community-focused environment which nurtures growth.

CLIK Collective developed the co-warehousing concept after identifying co-working spaces for e-commerce retailers, that also included tailored warehousing spaces, loading bays, photography studios and showroom facilities, did not exist.

CLIK Collective brings co-warehousing to Moorabbin's Morris Moor
Up Property and CLIK Collective have combined for co-warehousing at Morris Moor. Image: CLIK Collective

CLIK Collective Founder and Director Harry Kempler, explains Morris Moor's attractiveness for their establishing a co-warehousing space, lay in its accessible location and onsite amenities.

Morris Moor is in a well-connected location and will be surrounded by amenities including cafes, childcare, beautifully landscaped gardens and a publicly accessible courtyard, making it a valuable site for individuals and businesses based in Melbourne’s South East to launch and grow their e-commerce offering

Collaborative economies are making their way into the logistics industry by offering unique and clever solutions that are both efficient and environmentally responsive.

We’re passionate about small businesses and co-working environments and look forward to supporting local online retailers on a large scale and for the opportunities Morris Moor will bring to the local community

- Harry Kempler, CLIK Collective Founder and Director

CLIK Collective plans to provide purpose-built spaces, facilities and services that will offer an accessible, professional and collaborative environment for e-commerce businesses based in Melbourne’s South East, assisting in the development of more than 60 new innovative businesses for the Moorabbin community.

CLIK Collective brings co-warehousing to Moorabbin's Morris Moor
Artist's impression of Morris Moor. Image: Up Property

Speaking to, Up Property's Adam Davidson outlined the company's strategy behind the provision of co-working space within the Morris Moor development.

Instinctively we felt that the middle ring suburbs held an underlying demand for satellite co-working spaces which is currently under-serviced. There are so many operators fighting for space in traditional office locations, such as the Melbourne CBD and city fringe however, business owners and employees are continuously looking to live and work in close proximity and trade the time spent in the car or on the train with time at home with the family.

Young businesses wanting the flexibility to work closer to home and avoid the commute to the city. These local business operators were seeking a more flexible arrangement as opposed to within a traditional office on a long-term lease agreement. We noted the rise of such spaces within other suburban business parks (e.g. Caribbean Park and Chadstone).

Through the support of Kingston council, we have been connected to several local community groups, small businesses and individuals who are very keen to see professional, well-coordinated and managed co-working spaces within the precinct. This provides us with further confidence that demand is there.

- Adam Davidson, Up Property Founder and Managing Director

CLIK Collective Moorabbin is one of four businesses already confirmed for Morris Moor and is due to open this month, offering secure warehouse spaces ranging from 2 sqm through to 300 sqm.

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