Charter Hall gets green light to redevelop coveted Collins Street site

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Charter Hall gets green light to redevelop coveted Collins Street site
Charter Hall gets green light to redevelop coveted Collins Street site

Charter Hall has just been granted approval by the City of Melbourne to commence demolition of the building which currently stands at 555 Collins Street. The approval follows the lodgement of the proposal of a $1.5 billion redevelopment last month. The prominent corner section is one of the last of its kind in the area, spanning 4,620 square meters of prime real estate on Collins Street. A commercial tower designed by Cox Architecture and Gensler is on the cards and will draw on extensive research to produce revolutionary workspaces, utilising modern technology and human-centric design.

“We are looking at the project from a people-first point of view and leading with humanistic design, ensuring that the human experience is at the heart of every design decision that we make. Key to this approach is our appointment of both Cox Architecture and Gensler. Together, our expertise will allow us to create a workplace designed for how people connect and engage with each other and with their surroundings. By truly understanding the tenant journey, we will create a space that encourages an instinctive way of working and ultimately, a better and more productive workday.”

Simon Stockfeld, Charter Hall’s Regional Development Director

Tier one contractor Delta Group has been appointed to undertake the demolition which will cost approximately $13 million. Once demolition is complete, the first phase of redevelopment will involve the construction of 35 levels of premium office space across 45,000 square metres. The goal is to create work environments which are engaging and inviting, as well as seamlessly integrated within the area’s surrounding CBD environment.

Charter Hall gets green light to redevelop coveted Collins Street site
Render for 555 Collins Street

The development will aim to target a number of sustainable certifications including a 6 Star Green Star rating, 5 Star NABERS Energy Rating and Platinum WELL certification – in pursuit of creating one of the city’s most sustainable office buildings. The building will also contain a state-of-the-art health and wellbeing offering as well as a premium retail hub with a curated selection of restaurants and bars.

The team are currently preparing for demolition with completion slated for mid-2022.


“The existing 555 Collins Street building is vacant, allowing us to hit the accelerator to meet completion deadlines. Projects which do not have to consider heritage and have a strong planning case also provides future tenants with far higher development delivery certainty.”

Simon Stockfeld, Charter Hall’s Regional Development Director

“We are proud to be partnering with Charter Hall as they work to create a next-generation workplace experience, in the heart of Melbourne. With the workplace evolving at a much greater pace than ever before, our extensive experience designing office buildings and innovative workplace environments for a variety of clients around the world has given us a unique insight into what people – and especially the younger, tech-savvy generations – truly want and need from their workplace and the companies that employ them.”

Lukasz Platkowski, Design Director at Gensler’s London office

“Cox Architecture are genuinely excited about collaborating with Gensler to bring 555 Collins Street to life. Our client, Charter Hall, have a vision to authentically connect people, place, and work, and together we feel that 555 Collins Street will truly represent the new way of working in the city.”

Simon Haussegger, Director at Cox Architecture

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