Central 35 > 33-35 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds

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Central 35 > 33-35 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds

Running parallel to Moonee Ponds' primary hub Puckle Street, Hall Street is in the process of transforming from a secondary retail strip into an apartment stronghold. Most notable is Leighton Properties pending redevelopment of the long derelict Readings site, yet Moonee Ponds-based developer The Moloney Group is quietly going about realising a string of apartment towers on and abutting Hall Street.

Referred to as Central 35 within planning documents, an application for the second of four residential towers envisaged by The Moloney Group is currently with the City of Moonee Valley.

Central 35 > 33-35 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds

Central 35 Apartments @ 33-35 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds

Following in the footsteps of The Moloney Group's recently completed One9 Hall Street, reference has been made in this planning submission toward the intended use of modular construction methodology. Unitised Building has been referenced, inferring that Hickory Group's UB System is once more favoured to deliver a modulated building rather than a traditional reinforced concrete structure.

The UB System is evident below in the westerly elevation, which sees stacked modules to the right of an exposed lift well. Also visible is the intended artwall addressing the lift well.

Central 35 intended external finishes include white aluminium cladding, copper and charcoal metal cladding, glass balustrades and bluestone finishes to the podium. While John Davey Architects have designed a highly articulated and interesting exterior facade, it would seem for the time being that the UB System is hamstrung in that metal/composite cladding to its modules is necessary, with minimal glass employed.

Central 35 > 33-35 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds

Internally the project sees a mix of 33 one bedroom apartments, 25 two bedroom and 11 three bedroom options with smallest apartments beginning at 50 sq.m. The two uppermost levels are shrouded in a green growing frame and hold four split-level penthouses of either two bedrooms or two bedrooms plus study.

Shadowing One9 once more, "price sensitive" housing stock is included by way of intended participation within the National Rental Affordability Scheme. If following the lead of One9, Central 35 could expect roughly 25% of apartments to be made available to low income wage earners and a proportion of apartments to be rented at 20% below market rental price. Investors aren't left behind as they would receive a $5000 'donation' for purchasing NRAS stock as outlined within the planning report.

Apartments aside, level six sees a dedicated communal space with gym, outdoor terrace and barbecue holding views over Hall Street. Ground floor sees three mezzanine retail spaces, one of which is expected to hold a cafe with alfresco dining linking Central 35 to the public realm.

Central 35 > 33-35 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds

One9 under construction in November 2013.

City of Moonee Valley have raised concerns with the planning application, centred around car parking dispensation, vehicle access and general traffic flow around the proposed development. No issues were raised regarding height or density, given the project falls within the parameters of the Moonee Ponds Activity Centre.

With that in mind and assuming vehicle and traffic queries are addressed, it is expected that 33-35 Hall Street will be approved in due course.

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