Cbus Property Submits Planning Application for its Landmark 435 Bourke Street Site

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Cbus Property Submits Planning Application for its Landmark 435 Bourke Street Site
Cbus Property Submits Planning Application for its Landmark 435 Bourke Street Site

Cbus Property submitted a planning application on Thursday 20 December to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) for its newest proposed iconic commercial precinct located at 435 Bourke Street, Melbourne, which will amalgamate the existing 140 and 150 Queen Street, 423 Bourke Street and 27 McKillop Street sites. Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD on the corner of Queen and Bourke Streets, Cbus Property has proposed a 55 level highly sustainable commercial project that will serve as a vertical village for more than 5,500 city workers.

Designed by Bates Smart, the new $1Billion commercial project will introduce approximately 64,500 square metres of premium grade office space and create a new icon for Melbourne’s skyline on the corner of Queen and Bourke Streets. 435 Bourke Street will be a significant and pioneering project for the city that responds to a future Melbourne workforce, with sustainability, wellness, connection to nature and productivity emphasised in the building’s design and performance which includes multi vertical villages, outdoor terraces and dedicated wellness hub.

Cbus Property Submits Planning Application for its Landmark 435 Bourke Street Site

“The Property Council of Australia has predicted that Melbourne’s CBD will need an additional 4.4 million square metres of office space in the next two decades to cater for the projected workforce. Our vision for 435 Bourke Street will help meet this demand by providing a premium and performance based commercial solution focused on connectivity, wellbeing and environmentally sustainable design that will reinvigorate this precinct within the CBD.

Significant future urban renewal projects in the surrounding area mean this site will form part of a new centre point in the Hoddle Grid and will create a new and exciting standard for commercial office projects in Melbourne. The significance of the project’s location and the needs of a future city were integral to the project’s design, as well as ensuring planning controls were met and the development potential of the site optimised.”

- Adrian Pozzo, CEO of Cbus Property

The project, which provides a holistic approach to citymaking, will include a 4-level flexible wellness hub on McKillop Street that will service 435 Bourke Street occupants and will also be accessible to the city community. This diverse space will include a retail offering, double height multi-function space for active wellness, flexible studio spaces and consulting rooms for passive wellness as well as a rooftop garden retail offering.

The tower’s sculptural form is broken down into four differentiated bundles at varying heights with curved floorplate edges providing a contemporary, soft geometric design, which also improves the building’s performance. The tower design twists and morphs above McKillop Street to allow for sunlight into communal spaces, including McKillop Street, and while functional in design it also gives the form uniqueness.

Drawing inspiration from the neighbouring ACA building and nature, the podium façade celebrates vertical proportions with masonry elements and an organic rib-like structure stretching the entire height of the podium.

Cbus Property Submits Planning Application for its Landmark 435 Bourke Street Site

“435 Bourke Street provides a holistic approach to citymaking through its architectural and urban strategy. The tower’s sculptural design, combined with its emphasis on wellbeing in the workplace, will create a new paradigm for commercial projects in Melbourne. Due to its prominent corner site location, we were focussed on ensuring the typology of the building contributes to the overall experience of the city. An elegant and engaging landmark, the tower will create a world-class and innovative commercial environment, promoting both creativity and interaction for one of the world’s most liveable cities.

The building’s design references the neighbouring streetscape and is crafted to be more organic in form, aspiring to enliven the precinct and create a more people-friendly environment that stimulates the senses and imagination."

- Cian Davis, Director of Bates Smart

The proposed tower will feature six different landscaped terraces throughout, providing places for occupants to gather and socialise. The significant 200 square metre sky terrace on level 53 will provide a unique vantage point with an outlook over the Yarra River and CBD landmarks such as the MCG and Port Phillip Bay. The tower will also include premium end-of-trip facilities that are akin to a hospitality experience.

An ideally located commercial village, 435 Bourke Street is located within close proximity to iconic Melbourne landmarks such as Block Arcade, the Royal Arcade and Bourke Street Mall, as well as amenity such as Melbourne’s retail laneways and the ‘W’ Hotel at Collins Arch, all of which are within walking distance.

Subject to planning approval, Cbus Property is intending to launch 435 Bourke Street to market in early 2019 and construction is expected to commence in 2019.

Cbus Property Submits Planning Application for its Landmark 435 Bourke Street Site

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Discussion (7 comments)

Peter Maltezos's picture
Nice, very smart, then again it is Bates Smart!

I collect, therefore I am. thecollectormm.com.au

3000's picture
Excellent outcome.
Rohan Storey's picture
Only problem is that the 1966 Scottish Amicable on Queen Street has an (interim) heritage overlay, but looks like they could easily keep the facade.


Laurence Dragomir's picture
That was due to be demolished as part of the previously approved 140 Queen Street development.
philiplees's picture
One of problems with the ANZ Bank redevelopment was that despite its visual impressiveness its floor plate was only 800 sq m and this is not attractive to the leasing market, hence Docklands. What size are floor plates in this development? It looks to me to be quite a move up the risk-curve for CBus, especially when you look at it against ISPT's project next door.
Rohan Storey's picture
I see also they’re taking advantage of the 80m on a corner rule, it seems to work well here since it is part of a build up to the tower - but I still don’t like the whole idea, it means the 40m podium isn’t consistent, and as we’ve seen elsewhere, single 80m corner buildings next to much lower older buildings or 40m ones.


Laurence Dragomir's picture
@philip - the floorplates are deceptively bigger than the renders would indicate - circa 1500sqm

@Rohan - From an urban design point of view (and I agree it works well here) it allows the streetwall to read as an ensemble of smaller buildings - picking up on the finer grain scale of Melbourne CBD. The extra height gives the corner prominence and creates a hierarchy in terms of the legibility of the streetwall.

I think we'll see other sites take advantage of the 80m corner rule.
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