Burwood Brickworks approved

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Burwood Brickworks approved
Burwood Brickworks approved

Frasers Property has gained approval from Whitehorse City Council for its mixed-use community on the former Burwood Brickworks site that will create 700 new homes and contain what's being dubbed the world's most sustainable shopping centre.

First profiled on Urban.com.au in February 2018, the development will feature a mix of apartments, townhouses and detached houses on the expansive site.

Woorlworths Group brands including a Woolworths Supermarket and Dan Murphy's will anchor the 12,700sqm Burwood Brickworks shopping centre and over 50 expressions of interest were received in the call out for operators of the roof-top farm.

Frasers Property says they have whittled down the 50 EOIs to a shortlist and are targeting a mid-year turnaround for selecting the operator.

The developer expects the first apartments, medium-density and detached housing lots to be completed by late 2020 with 3000 jobs to be created during construction and then 700 ongoing jobs in the shopping centre once complete.

Burwood Brickworks approved
Open space areas at Burwood Brickworks - image: supplied

Burwood Brickworks shopping centre is aiming to make the centre the first retail development in the world to achieve Living Building Challenge certification through multiple initiatives including generating 105% of the energy required to power the building.

According to Frasers Property, there will be strict procols in place to re-purpose up to 99% of construction waste away from landfil and that the use of local, salvaged and sustainable materials will reduce the centre's carbon footprint.

“We will demonstrate that developing a net positive sustainable shopping centre – one that gives more than it takes from its environment – is not only commercially viable, but preferable" says Peri Macdonald, executive GM, retail at Frasers Property.

The entire redevelopment zone will include 2.5 hectares of open space that will include community facilities which two large public spaces that adjoin the shopping centre.

Burwood Brickworks approved
Burwood Brickworks shopping centre - image: supplied

Hacer Group has been appointed to building the new Burwood Brickworks shopping centre with the first sod of soil turned on the 12th of June.

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