Broadmeadows receives a boost as urban regeneration beckons

Broadmeadows receives a boost as urban regeneration beckons
Broadmeadows receives a boost as urban regeneration beckons

Last week's announcement of funding for various Broadmeadows infrastructure projects has cast the often maligned suburb back into the urban renewal spotlight.

Designated a Major Activity Centre on the Metropolitan Planning Authority's citywide interactive project map, the heart of Broadmeadows is set to receive $14.3 million from the State Government in order to continue its revitalisation, with Broadmeadows Train Station and Boadmeadows Town Hall accounting for the lion's share of funding.

More specifically the funding will:

  • Add $7m toward the $20.2 million refurbishment price tag for the Broadmeadows Town Hall, creating a community focused hub
  • Contribute $4m to a new Broadmeadows Station northern entrance, concourse and toilets, and partial pedestrian subway upgrade
  • Allow beautificalion works to commence along Pascoe Vale Road with $1 million for tree planting and improved crossings
  • Add a further $2.1m to Meadowlink, the 3.2km bicycle, pedestrian and open space link that traverses Broadmeadows town centre
Broadmeadows receives a boost as urban regeneration beckons
Broadmeadows town centre from above. Image: MPA

Whilst not necessarily a startling figure, the $14.3 million investment set aside in the 2016/2017 Budget does confirm the State Government's ongoing commitment in pushing Broadmeadows through as an activity centre. The measured flow of capital into Broadmeadows does carry similar traits to the Revitalising Central Dandenong project where the heart of Dandenong received considerable State funding in order to upgrade infrastructure.

Thus far, both the State Government and Hume City Council have already invested heavily in Broadmeadows, with projects such as Hume Global Learning Centre, the Hume School Regeneration project, the state-of-the-art basketball stadium and the local aquatic centre recent additions.

All vested parties will hope that Broadmeadows will follow a similar path as Dandenong in that the south eastern suburb has since managed to attract a considerable level of private investment post public expenditure, with both commercial and apartment developments flowing into the suburb.

Broadmeadows receives a boost as urban regeneration beckons
Future Broadmeadows and surrounds. Image:MPA

On a grander scale, redevelopment surrounding Broadmeadows' town centre will eventually encapsulate areas known as Northmeadows and Eastmeadows. With up to 60 hectares of underutilised industrial land on the agenda, the prospects for the creation of new urban villages is high.

Northmeadows is situated east of Broadmeadows proper and according to planning documents has scope to include essentially the full gamut of uses - namely housing, employment, commercial, recreation and leisure. Eastmeadows is potentially a long term regeneration area with a mixture of housing options and diverse employment earmarked for the area.

It is likely that both zones will incorporate a higher degree of housing density.

The Metropolitan Planning Authority and Hume City Council are calling for public feedback during the initial Community Engagement Phase, with the intention of creating a structure plan for Broadmeadows and surrounds which accommodates public expectations.

Information on Broadmeadows' regeneration can be found here, with an associated public consultation survey also available.

Broadmeadows receives a boost as urban regeneration beckons
A conceptualised new Broadmeadows. Image: MPA
Metropolitan Planning Authority Broadmeadows Urban Renewal


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