BrickX sold to Thundering Herd by BridgeLane-led venture capital syndicate

BrickX sold to Thundering Herd by BridgeLane-led venture capital syndicate
Jonathan ChancellorApril 16, 2021

BrickX has been acquired by Thundering Herd, a venture capital and private equity investment firm.

Markus Kahlbetzer's BridgeLane Capital Pty Ltd, which had provided funding for the acquisition of properties, is no longer a shareholder or related party of BrickX, the fractional property investment platform.

The venture capital outfits of National Australia Bank and Westpac have also cashed out of their investment in BrickX, along with Reinventure Group.

Thundering Herd are making plans to expand the current property portfolio across both residential and commercial markets. 

The platform has 19 properties, with its last purchase at Perth, its first in WA, back in November 2018. 

Despite having stalled, the AFR reported BrickX was in the final stages of due diligence for more than 10 properties.

The BrickX acquisition adds to Thundering Herd's portfolio of investments in the property space.

The VC firm is the majority owner of debt syndication platform Lend Collective and the largest secured creditor of fractional property play DomaCom.

The BrickX platform, which was co-founded by Darren Patterson in 2014, will continue to function with no envisaged disruption.
Thundering Herd's recent investments include Lend Collective and GoFetch.

Thundering Herd's 2015 co-founder is the Melbourne based Joe Galvez, having worked for the likes of Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Macquarie Group.

It is not known what price Thundering Herd paid for the business which saw the two big banks initially backed BrickX in late 2017 and early 2018, when they both took a stake in a $9 million Series A funding round.

BrickX has around 70,000 people signed up to the platform with just the 10,000 active investors.

Each property is divided into 10,000 bricks and the value fluctuates based on the market sentiment at the time. Investors receive rental income based on their share.

Allunga Advisory helped with the search for the new capital partner.

Recently listed properties:

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