Braybrook and Maidstone step into the development spotlight

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Braybrook and Maidstone step into the development spotlight
Braybrook and Maidstone step into the development spotlight

Townhouses are leading the charge in Melbourne's west in terms of what is currently being offered to buyers, with two major projects notching significant development milestones.

Stockland is set to move the first stage of its Orion at Braybrook townhouse precinct to construction, appointing Glenvill Projects as head contractor. Orion at Braybrook is Stockland’s largest stand-alone medium density project in Australia, incorporating a hefty 422 townhouses.

The first stage though is now in the hands of Glenvill Projects who specialise in the construction of townhouse and medium density apartment projects.

The 11.5-hectare precinct is the design of DKO Architecture and sits adjacent to 10 additional hectares of parkland. 

Braybrook and Maidstone step into the development spotlight
One of Orion at Braybrook's differing townhouse designs. Image: DKO Architecture

Stockland's Ben Cantwell said that Orion at Braybrook "will set a new benchmark for housing innovation in Melbourne’s inner-west so we sought to partner with Glenvill Projects because of their many years of experience and excellent track record of quality work.

Orion at Braybrook is also a key component of Stockland’s strategy to help meet Victoria’s housing demand by providing exceptional housing options for homebuyers at all stages of life."

Underlining the latent demand for townhouses on Melbourne's west, Bewise Property Group also recently launched the first stage of Maidstone's Hampstead Park

Having picked up 82-96 Hampstead Road during 2016 for $41.5 million, Bewise Property Group's townhouse aspect of the development consists of 157 dwellings. ClarkeHopkinsClarke assumed design duties for the project, creating both low and medium-rise buildings within the overall development.

Braybrook and Maidstone step into the development spotlight
Hampstead Park's initial release. Image: Bewise Property Group

Whilst the townhouse aspect will serve to meet demand in the current market, Hampstead Park's overall plan also includes mid-rise apartment buildings above a raft of retail and community-based tenancies.

The townhouses are arranged around a communal park, whilst the apartments buildings front the site's perimeter. According to ClarkeHopkinsClarke 400 plus apartments are in the pipeline, as is a supermarket, community centre, medical centre and child care centre.

One the precinct's design ClarkeHopkinsClarke states that "Based on the 4 key principles of Community, Integration, Identity and Sustainability, the design will aspire to create a modern and vibrant community, that integrates within the existing context of the site, has a strong sense of identity, and shapes a socially and environmentally sustainable environment. 

The development will set a new benchmark for mixed-use developments, increasing population density, without overloading current infrastructure, and act as a catalyst for future urban renewal."

For now though both the Braybrook and Maidstone townhouse releases are adequately meeting buyer demand, particularly from a townhouse perspective.

Braybrook and Maidstone step into the development spotlight
A potential future stage of Hampstead Park. Image: ClarkeHopkinsClarke

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