Box Hill's apartment market keeps bubbling along

Mark BaljakJuly 23, 20180 min read

Irrepressible Box Hill continues to churn out sizeable planning applications as numerous apartment projects in development within the suburb reach noteworthy milestones.

21-23 Irving Avenue is the latest bid to transform dual detached houses into an apartment building containing 123 dwellings. Kin Consolidated Pty Ltd is backing the $25 million development that would become the latest apartment project to regenerate Irving Avenue.

In the past two years, builder Element Five have delivered 194 apartments over two separate buildings on Irvine Avenue whilst Liberty Builders have accounted for an apartment development on the site immediately east of 21-23 Irving Avenue.

Kin Consolidated have entrusted DKO Architecture with the development's design; the result is a 14 storey apartment building holding 26 single, 90 double and 7 triple bedroom apartments over a corner 1,295 square metre site.

Box Hill's apartment market keeps bubbling along
21-23 Irving Avenue is the latest unveiling for Box Hill. Planning image: DKO Architecture

At 47 metres in height, the application is the tallest to date for Irving Avenue, although it is diagonally opposite H&F Property's at construction Central Park which spans 19 storeys.

Irving Avenue may have received additional development but Council has refused a permit of a hotel on the corner of Irving Avenue and Station Street. Potentially on the agenda is a development across 11-13 Irving Avenue, with Orbit Architecture devising a 12 storey complex containing 86 apartments.

Whilst Irving Avenue is currently symptomatic of Box Hill's sustained push to higher density living, it is by no means alone. Builder Valeo Constructions has effectively completed dual apartments projects in recent weeks; TaoHome and Poplar Apartments sit side by side on Poplar Street and combine to add a further 124 apartments to Box Hill's stock.

In other construction news within Box Hill CRC Group have a freshly erected tower crane for the delivery of 999 Whitehorse's 90 apartments whilst the suburb's tallest tower continues to rise. Sky One Box Hill is above its retail and dining-based podium structure and into the tower section that will eventually yield 438 apartments.

Box Hill's apartment market keeps bubbling along
999 Whitehorse, Sky One Box Hill and Chloe Irving Avenue

From a buyer perspective, is tracking 6 separate apartment projects currently at registrations and sales within Box Hill.

In a sign that its sales have progressed strongly, Panorama Box Hill is at construction tender. The Peddle Thorp-designed project on behalf of Panorama Investment Group sees dual 31 storey residential towers in the works, with approximately 380 apartments in tow.

It is through the looming sales launch of 845-851 Whitehorse Road that shapes as the litmus test for Box Hill. CBD Development Group has taken the approved scheme back to planning in order to boost the main tower to 38 levels, facilitate a revised podium facade and add new childcare and education facilities.

Dubbed Whitehorse Trio, it will be Box Hill's largest development with 450 plus apartments and approximately 150 hotel suites over three towers.

Box Hill's apartment market keeps bubbling along
Whitehorse Trio's refreshed podium expression. Image: CBD Development Group

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