Boroondara's largest project rolls into construction

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Boroondara's largest project rolls into construction
Boroondara's largest project rolls into construction

Hawthorn Park, Boroondara's largest development, has slipped into construction mode.

Developer Dahua Group has selected builder Hickory as head contractor for the $300 million project. Demolition across the sprawling site has commenced and is scheduled to continue for two months prior to Hickory Group establishing itself onsite during September.

An extensive earthworks and construction schedule will follow, with Hawthorn Park's anticipated completion date set for the third quarter of 2020. 

Asked on the progress of sales to date, Dahua Group have confirmed that in excess of 50% of the apartments offered have been accounted for. One, two, three and four bedroom apartments are included within the project.

Boroondara's largest project rolls into construction
Hawthorn Park's size on show. Planning image: Rothelowman

William Huang, Managing Director of Dahua Melbourne told "Dahua Group Melbourne are excited to begin construction on this premier flagship development for the city of Boroondara. The team are committed to delivering a community of exemplary design and location in a high quality, medium density project for a growing Melbourne population."

And that design is the work of Rothelowman, who went about creating multiple buildings in order to allow for site permeability.

"Public piazzas are placed at the site’s entry points drawing Burwood Road’s existing green edge through to the plaza located on Camberwell Road’s more robust presentation. Feature stairs cut a pathway into the open contoured space activated with resident amenity, retail and food and beverage.

A glass-bottomed swimming pool spans between buildings and over the plaza, creating a spectacular front door to the project, and also locating the comprehensive resident amenity floor."

The elevated pool is an intricate aspect of Rothelowman's design and serves as a unique selling point for the project. It will connect the communal area's of both buildings which front Burwood Road.

Boroondara's largest project rolls into construction
The showpiece pool which spans two buildings. Image: Rothelowman

Hawthorn Park's place as Boroondara's largest development is evident. is tracking 102 separate current developments within the municipality, with all dedicated to residential use. Of the 102 projects, only four contain 100 or more apartments; this is very much reflective of the area's general dearth of large sites capable of taking development.

The balance of those current projects with 100 or more dwellings consist of the at construction CV Apartments and Longhouse, whilst Sierra within Hawthorn has yet to see works begin onsite.

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