Beams Project's latest Richmond gem seeking Expressions of Interest

Laurence DragomirJune 8, 20180 min read

Here at we aim to shine the spotlight on a variety of projects of distinct scale and programme, regardless of location. One such project that has piqued interest is Richmond's 45 Wangaratta Street; another joint collaboration between developer Beams Projects and MA Architects.

The 7-storey office development follows on from the duo's previous joint effort on the the now under construction Farmer Cutter & Swan, also in Richmond, and the submission of an application for a high-end townhouse development on South Melbourne's Thistlethwaite Street.

According to Beams Projects, the development which will simply be known as 'Wangaratta Street' will become its new headquarters, taking advantage of the site's proximity to Richmond Station and Swan Street.

The design employs a restrained and minimalist quality that is balanced by its rich texture of off form concrete which is interrupted by staggered glazed apertures of varying proportions. The configuration is designed to create a sense of rhythm and movement across the facade, whilst also responding to its industrial context.

Beams Project's latest Richmond gem seeking Expressions of Interest
Wangaratta Street will form Beams Projects new HQ. Image: Gabriel Saunders

This bold and contemporary concrete form reflects our architectural philosophy, our identity and captures our aspirations.

Designed in collaboration with MA Architects as a nod to Richmond's rich industrial backdrop, the building offers a distinctly architectural experience to inspire inhabitants and visitors.

Located next to Richmond Station and a short walk from Swan Street, the building will house 6 levels of contemporary office space above a neighbourhood coffee place.

- Beams Projects

MA Architects have designed Wangarrata Street to respond to two different frontage conditions, while addressing the two different Design Development Overlays (DDO) which apply to the site. The subsequent design response involves the architects adopting two visually distinct massing strategies.

Along Wangaratta Street the higher built form oriented to the west is divided into three segments. Initially a 3-storey street wall which reinforces the predominant scale of the street walls within the streetscape, with a central 3-storey section setback above; the building capped off with a visually recessive upper storey.

Turning to the Botherambo Street frontage, the upper levels are consecutively setback at similar distances to reduce potential amenity impacts and building bulk to the adjoining residential neighbourhood.

A small café is being provided to the ground floor on the Wangaratta Street frontage with visual connection to the Tennyson Street pocket park which is slated for future expansion within the Richmond Station Precinct Structure Plan.

Additionally, the project features a basement level accommodating 12 car parks with car stackers as well as 27 bike spaces.

Beams Projects is accepting EOI's for tenants within the development via their contact page.

Laurence Dragomir

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