Bates Smart reveals Australia’s first Park Hotel design

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Bates Smart reveals Australia’s first Park Hotel design

Roxy Pacific property group is set to open a Park Hotel branch on 360 Little Bourke Street in central Melbourne by 2021. The agreement to proceed with the project was signed last month, with construction anticipated to commence soon.

The Bates Smart-lead design of the 23-storey hotel tower will be constructed on the former horse stable and livestock auction yard known as Kirks Bazaar. Acknowledging the site’s equine past, historical references will be featured throughout the hotel including soft leather details, horse saddlery, rich tobacco coloured textures and metal accents.

Bates Smart reveals Australia’s first Park Hotel design
Kirks Horse Bazaar at Bourke St West in Hardware Lane, Melbourne in Victoria in 1870
Bates Smart reveals Australia’s first Park Hotel design
Exterior render. Credit: Bates Smart

At ground level, retail stores will occupy prime street front real estate, while 319 guest rooms and suites rise up the tower. A gourmet concept restaurant will be located on level 8. On the upper levels, guests can enjoy a luxury lounge, alfresco terraced dining and rooftop bar with lush green landscaping. The hotel will also provide the capacity to host 20-200 guests in any of its versatile function rooms.


Bates Smart reveals Australia’s first Park Hotel design
Park Hotel's luxurious bathrooms. Credit: Bates Smart
Bates Smart reveals Australia’s first Park Hotel design
Guest suite. Credit: Bates Smart
Bates Smart reveals Australia’s first Park Hotel design
Park Hotel's lobby. Credit: Bates Smart


“We have respected the urban context and character of the location that is surrounded by warehouse frontages. The site will be transformed to offer a respectful sense of verticality, with the façade reinterpreting the old beautiful red brickwork of the streetscape. Intimate internal spaces have been created on the ground floor plane to encourage social interactions and engagement with the other local restaurants and retailers.”

- Clan Davis, Bates Smart Director

“The hotel takes cues from Melbourne’s vibrant laneway culture, recognising the ‘urban grit’ of this former industrial neighbourhood and its surrounds. The interiors complement the architectural approach, creating create a sensory

experience for guests.

The traditional food and beverage model has been challenged to create a space for an independent operator that will offer guests an authentic, local neighbourhood experience. We responded to the laneway context of the site and brought this element of Melbourne’s café and street culture within the building.

We also remodelled the conventional arrival experience to offer an inquisitive guest arrival journey. The ground floor plane is opened to encourage guests to walk through the relaxed food and beverage component before reaching reception for check-in.” 

- Brenton Smith, Bates Smart Director

“Conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne, the new Park Hotel Melbourne is a continuation of the Group’s strategic efforts to strengthen our hospitality and is in line with our plans to grow our stable of

recurring income streams.

Going forward, Australia’s tourism and hotel sector is expected to record strong growth in the coming years, likely to exceed the country’s broader economic growth, and should augur well for the new hotel.

Bates Smart have been the perfect partner to grow our vision for the property, which we aspire to be the market leader in 4-star hotels in Melbourne CBD.”

- Ben Hopkins, Managing Director of Roxy-Pacific Australia and New Zealand

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