Apartment Register: bridging the gap between purchasers and developers

Apartment Register: bridging the gap between purchasers and developers
Apartment Register: bridging the gap between purchasers and developers

My Real Estate Mate has launched Apartment Register, a website where customers register their contact details and selection criteria for first priority pick in residential apartment developments.  Developers have embraced the concept, instilled with sales confidence acquiring and designing development sites based on the needs and wants of their qualified database.

How did it all come about? It was 5pm in the packed underground in Hong Kong, people were shoulder to shoulder yet you could hear a pin drop.  From 5 to 70 year olds the entire train were transfixed on their mobiles, they certainly weren’t noticing the billboard advertisements posted on the walls or reading the daily newspaper.

We realised the sales and marketing of real estate had to evolve, the solution was to launch a technology company that specialises in Real Estate and so My Real Estate Mate has launched Apartment Register.

My Real Estate Mate is a technology company delivering 24/7 Real Estate Headline News and Property Commentary, Data and Content.  We thought it would be a good idea if we combined and communicated varying data sets such as REIT stock prices, auction clearance rates and interest rates on one website.  We have added TV, databank and the MREM Index (Akin to the ASX 200) which gives users a snap shot of how the Australian Real Estate and REIT market is performing.

Purchasing a property is our largest lifetime purchase.  We are all increasingly time poor and want to experience a simple, enjoyable and transparent sales process.

Buyer dynamics are evolving, household member numbers are eroding and First Home Buyers (FHB) should really be changed to First Apartment Buyers (FAB).  The opportunity arises when the dynamics of buying an off the plan apartment versus an established property vary tremendously.  Interstate investors, downsizers to Generation X and Y generally turning to their parents for advice who may or may not have experienced buying off the plan leaves a knowledge gap, who can answer their questions?

Purchasers are not the only ones with questions.  Overseas developers, whilst very experienced in their local market, who have recently acquired development sites locally recognise they need to gather research to better understand the local market.

But where does this data come from, historical, first hand or forecast?

Navigation on mobile device is trending over and above tablet and desktop, daily commute times, increasing size of hardware and the fact that our mobile never really leaves our side resulted in our design team creating a practical layout that is quick and easy to navigate.  In doing so keeping the registration process as hassle free as possible to maximise the capture ratio of site visitors to registration.

Apartment Register’s client databank is supported by over 300 Australian and International City and Suburb data gathering web platforms with more than 30 alone focused on the Fishermans Bend and Southbank Precincts.  The sheer number of websites evolving re-enforcement and value add proposition keeps the brand front of mind for time poor customers.

Real Estate is a people business, no matter how advanced the technology customers want to have a relationship of trust with their agent.  Apartment Register bridges the gap between buyer and developer by identifying the needs and wants of the customer so the developer can deliver a product and price in the right location, achieve pre-sales without a top heavy marketing budget whilst the buyer feels a level of comfort and recognition.

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