An overview of the projects in the vicinity of the new Anzac station

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An overview of the projects in the vicinity of the new Anzac station
An overview of the projects in the vicinity of the new Anzac station

2700 dwellings across 26 projects.  They're the headline development pipeline numbers for the area within 500m of the new Anzac station that will built under St. Kilda Road.

4 of the 5 Melbourne Metro stations are located within areas that, for the most part, are either extremely well served or very well served by existing inner-city public transport links.

The construction of the city loop in the 70s and 80s is regularly credited with expanding development within Central Melbourne, especially within the vicinity of Melbourne Central or Museum station as it was known when it first opened.

Melbourne Central shopping centre still stands, even to this day, as the largest redevelopment site in the immediate area of the station with the Kisho Kurokawa-designed tower and cone over the Coop's Shot tower acting as the vanguard of what was to come.  

When railway stations are built, the development community comes running - over time, at least.

Therefore, before the primary construction work kicks off, it's good to get a baseline as it's likely there will be an uptick in the development pipeline during the construction (which will last 3-5 years) and when the new station is operational.

An overview of the projects in the vicinity of the new Anzac station
Anzac station and nearby projects in the development pipeline

All but 2 of the 26 projects located, as the crow flies, 500m from the new Anzac station are residential.  1 is mixed-use residential and hotel and the last project will be all hotel.

4 projects are under construction which will deliver 953 units to the local market once complete and there are a further 5 projects which have their sales and marketing campaigns underway with a total of 354 dwellings one step away from construction.

10 projects are sitting at approved which, should they see construction, will add a further 1113 dwellings to the precinct and there are 7 projects which could possibly yield another 294 dwellings at the planning assessment stage.

A great deal of the projects are located on Park Street and Palmerston Crescent with most other potential redevelopment sites closer to the station entrance having already been built on.

Kings Way is a significant pedestrian barrier at present and if any stakeholder agencies or councils decide to improve connectivity for pedestrians across Kings Way, expect to see jostling for development sites on the western side of the road to increase.

See below for a full list of existing development pipeline projects near the new Anzac station.

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Discussion (2 comments)

redden's picture

Thanks Alastair, that's an impressively comprehensive list. A couple of notes: the Evermore site is well into demolition and the Botanic site is under construction. The last photo I took was April 28th, but I've been past since and it's well under way.

An overview of the projects in the vicinity of the new Anzac station

Alastair Taylor's picture

^ Cheers - updated.

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