An early glimpse of Nightingale Village's first buildings

An early glimpse of Nightingale Village's first buildings
Laurence DragomirMay 4, 2018

With residents moving into the recently completed Nightingale designed by Breathe Architecture - who first championed the concept of ethical community-driven projects via the award-winning The Commons - and with Nightingale's 2, 3 & Nightingale Brunswick East all hot on its heels, the attention now turns to Nightingale Village

Nightingale is based on the principles of the German baugruppen model which provides an alternative approach to how apartments are built and delivered in cities.  

Baugruppen which is German for “building group”, removes developers from the equation with a group of like-minded purchasers, instead coming together to collectively fund their own apartment projects, supported by architects.  

Without profit as the main driver, the focus instead shifts to delivering quality, sustainable, liveable and shared community facilities.

An early glimpse of Nightingale Village's first buildings
Residents have now moved into Nightingale. Image: Peter Clarke

Nightingale Village will comprise seven buildings located on Duckett Street, Brunswick after a collective of architects bought up the entire street in Melbourne’s inner north, not far from The Commons and Nightingale 1.

The first images of three of the buildings have begun to emerge with the Avengers-like ensemble of architects revealing the designs via their Instagram accounts as they are lodged for town planning. 

This followed on from two information sessions held in February and March at the University of Melbourne, where the project was presented to potential purchasers. The recording can be viewed here.

The following architects are designing the ensemble of buildings which comprise the village;

An early glimpse of Nightingale Village's first buildings
Nightingale_WOW, Nightingale CCA and Nightingale Breathe. Images: Nightingale Village

The first Nightingale's to be revealed are designed by WOWOWA, Clare Cousins Architects and Breathe Architecture, with the former two now at town planning.

As always will endeavour to keep up to date with each of the buildings as they are submitted.

Meanwhile, construction is progressing at Nightingale 2.0 in Fairfield with builder Atelier Projects at the helm. Already the lift and stair core has been erected and ground floor slab poured.

Located at 72A Station Street adjacent to Fairfield Railway Station, Six Degrees' design for Nightingale 2.0 takes advantage of its island site, maximising light and cross-ventilation through the building. 

An early glimpse of Nightingale Village's first buildings
Progress at Nightingale 2.0. Images L-R: Six Degrees; HIP V. HYPE

Lead image:

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