Run your neighbourhood with ABS game

Alistair WalshMay 20, 20130 min read

The Australian Bureau of Statistics isn’t all just number bods – they’ve released a mobile game that lets users take control of Australian neighbourhoods.

Run That Town allows users to take control of any town in Australia and control it using real census data.


Users will have to consult with locals to make popular decisions, start projects and tackle vital issues.

Players of the iPhone and iPad only app can then read about their exploits in the local paper.


“Have you ever thought your town could be run better? Why don’t we put you in charge,” the game asks.

“What kind of leader will you be? Will you be treated to a ticker tape parade, or chased out of town by an angry mob?”

It works for any postcode in Australia.


Alistair Walsh

Deutsche Welle online reporter
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