A dozen mid-sized apartment projects inch closer to construction

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A dozen mid-sized apartment projects inch closer to construction

The next squadron of mid-sized apartment projects are closing in on a construction start if current build tenders are any indication.

With large-scale apartment projects in somewhat of a lull, small and mid-sized apartment projects have stepped in to absorb current demand. The varied locations of these projects at tender is also set to reinforce the continued proliferation of apartment developments to all corners of Melbourne.

First though a trio of projects that are being retendered due to the demise of contractor Project Group. Having gone to the wall during March, the builder has left a number of apartment projects and their respective developers in a bind.

Curve on Essendon North's Keilor Road was set to begin piling during March, whilst the builds on both Herbert King and Merri Green were in progress.

After a short hiatus the newly selected builders will seemingly have the apartment projects back on track in the weeks to come.

A dozen mid-sized apartment projects inch closer to construction
Former projects under the control of Project Group

The remaining nine projects are dotted across Melbourne.

Burbank Group's Edge One in Werribee is at construction tender, with 100 apartments slated for the 10 level building. Urban Melbourne covered the planning application at the turn of the year.

Also on Melbourne's periphery is Gibson Property Corporation's latest apartment release within Mason Point. Set for a public release shortly, the project's tender is for delivery of the final stage within the mixed-use precinct consisting of a six storey build; 55 apartments above multiple retail spaces at ground level.

Swinging to Melbourne's South East and two further projects have progressed to construction tender.

Mercuri at 8 Elliott Avenue Carnegie is poised to join the throng of apartment projects under construction in the immediate area whilst Balfour Development Group is ready to advance Malvern & York. That project consists of 16 luxury apartments across 3 levels, and much like Mercuri it finds itself in the middle of much higher-density construction activity.

A dozen mid-sized apartment projects inch closer to construction
Mason Point, Malvern & York and The Rochester are close to beginning

The balance of projects are within inner city suburbs; Brunwick, Fitzroy, Abbotsford and North Melbourne are all set to see additional construction in the near future.

Breese Apartments in Brunswick was highlighted earlier in the week whilst 22-28 Courtney Street's sales campaign has seen it also advance to a build tender.

The remaining three projects all front Johnston Street. GURNER's The Spanish Club and The Rochester are both dedicated apartment developments in Fitzroy whilst 344 Johnston Street in Abbotsford is also at tender. The mixed-use scheme for the site was during August last year and looks to be edging closer to reality.

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