Dick Slider, property guru Instagram parody, revealed as actor turned Double Bay estate agent

Dick Slider, property guru Instagram parody, revealed as actor turned Double Bay estate agent
Dick Slider, property guru Instagram parody, revealed as actor turned Double Bay estate agent

Dick Slider, the self-acclaimed property guru, whose listing and selling insights have attracted an amused Instragam following over the past two years, made a surprise appearance at AREC.

The fictional Sliderguy, as he's become known, hones in on death, sometimes within days of the owner passing, divorce and debt for his listings from his mythical Double Bay base.

His first video blog was July 2017.

Dick $lider claimed at one stage he had a database of 15,000, and 173 qualified buyers, to rank as the number one agent in Sydney's east.

"I don't lose many listing, but when I do.. it hurts," he says.

Since his earliest days he's always preached on listings: " "Do not pay for marketing, and do it at two percent, otherwise you're going to fuck the industry."

Another mantra is "kids sports are a goldmine waiting for you."

He has even staked out the Sydney Family Court for divorce prospecting, and also followed rival estate agents cars to their prospective listings.

He doesn't take kindly to untrusting clients sitting out the front of his opens to monitor his so-called database comings and goings.

Having been mostly underground for two years, his hustle was uncovered last month by Tom Panos, the veteran industry real estate coach, who persuaded John McGrath to include him in the 2019 AREC line-up.

Double Bay agent Paul Biller had pointed out the Sliderguy Instagram profile to Panos.

Slider boasts he has a team at SliderCorp of 38 and only hires H.O.T. staff, meaning someone who can hustle on the telephones.

"You also gotta be hot too, you gotta be an 8 plus," he said.

He says Halloween is a free pass to get out there, knock on doors and hustle for stock, reminding agents to carry an agency agreement to sign up new listings.

He has a weekly haircut, does teeth whitening, and regularly gets a nail manicure, and then gets his manicurists to come through his opens posing as Chinese buyers.

He starts the day at 4am at the gym, and picks up his first client signatures by 7am.

John McGrath, the AREC founder, said after watching his Instagram he thought "we have to get this guy live."

"He actually should have his own TV show I reckon," McGrath said.

"I was bent over laughing, people had tears in their eyes," he said following yesterday's presentation in-between lectures from Todd Duncan and Malek Younan.

McGrath noted there's a bit of irreverence, and "maybe some people got offended" but he hopes not. 

With his Instagram followers jumping to over 2000 following his AREC appearance, Dick Slider considers fame is of one of the many benefits of being a high profile, award winning real estate agent.

He's so senior now that he's lost the skill of carrying his A frame, as that's a job for his assistants. All his team have his initials on their designer shirts.

At one point last year he told his troops to continue with the colourful sock on one foot, with no sock on the other.

"Suits super tight," he dictates.

He reckons print media is crucial to build the agent's own brand.

Slider's AREC performance followed speeches to the Megaforce and KPOW Real Estate conventions.

He holidays at Christmas in Monte Carlo, but complains at the six euro cost of the coffee. 

In the mid-year winter slowdown, when most agents head overseas, he seeks out the lapsed agency agreement listings of rival agents who he points out to their vendors are holiday at Mykonos.

He is happy to admit that he seduces vendors with over the top price estimates to get listings, as that is what his rivals do.

He's known to turn for a Potts Point listing.

In real life he is Richard Carwin, an estate agent at Biller Property for not quite a year.

His first sale was a $1.4 million apartment sale in Double Bay in July last year, and his most recent came just last Friday in Vaucluse.

Carwin had previously been an agent at Ray White since 2010.

Biller came across Carwin on a conjunction.

Biller reckons the Instragram account was “the funniest thing he’d ever seen” and asked him to come and work at Biller.

“When he’s being himself he’s the complete opposite,” Biller said.

“He’s a very laid back guy until he gets into character.”

Biller said when he's in character he's "a hoot."

But as an agent he is "trustworthy  approachable and exceptionally passionate about helping his clients."

He says Richard brings a unique and refreshing approach to every transaction. 

"Having worked with clients all around the East, from Darlinghurst to Watsons Bay for over eight years, Richard brings excellent marketing and negotiation skills to every sale.

"Richard has an exceptional knowledge of his market and his honesty and transparency has earned him a great reputation with all his clients."

After his AREC performance Carwin told Property Observer that "selling real estate is my bread and butter - my lifeline."


Jonathan Chancellor

Jonathan Chancellor

Jonathan Chancellor is one of Australia's most respected property journalists, having been at the top of the game since the early 1980s. Jonathan co-founded the property industry website Property Observer and has written for national and international publications.

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