The horrendous Far North Queensland weather event of February 2019: David Nolan

The horrendous Far North Queensland weather event of February 2019: David Nolan
The horrendous Far North Queensland weather event of February 2019: David Nolan

Below is an open letter to Australia written by rural real estate agent David Nolan to Prime Minister Mr Morrison (sent directly to him) and Opposition Leader Mr Bill Shorten (sent directly to him).

After what Gillard and Ludwig did in 2011 banning live cattle into Indonesia, you should be pledging billions to this disaster instead of promising to give our money (the tax payers) to the UN.

Leaders of all other Opposition Parties and all the politicians in these political parties and including every bureaucrat the TIME HAS COME !!!

Everyone must unite and get behind those affected by this tragic event in Far North Queensland.

Foreign Aid, Refugees, Boat People and every other overseas hanger on, the party and free hand outs have to stop until this situation is fixed, which may take a number of years.

I apologise to the bleeding hearts regarding the above but what has just happened on our back door is the greatest loss of livestock in a single event in the world's history.

Think about about that long and hard,

A Tsunami of water based on an unprecedented rain fall event which lasted over a week has taken the lives of 300,000 to 500,000 cattle.*

Think about that about long and hard. 300,000 to 500,000* head of cattle. Those numbers are unfathomable.

To put this in perspective so everyone gets an understanding of the magnitude of this disaster, the area covered in water in Far North QLD was the size of Victoria.

Now I ask this question, if Victoria went under water and suddenly there were 300,000 to 500,000* dead cattle lying around, every politician, agri expert etc and the world press would be over it like a rash.

Or is everyone going to say out of sight out of mind. This will be a real test of what sort of Nation we collectively are today.

Now what about the people, AUSTRALIAN FARMERS, our own. What about their health both mental and physical, both now and in the future. The pressure on them must be off the Richter scale.

No income, bank pressure and in some cases not one head of cattle left. Think about it long and hard,

Do these so called leaders of our great country do what all politicians have previously done? Get dressed up in their RM Williams gear with an Akubra Hat, go and visit for a day, kiss a baby, get a photo and then forget all about the people and the problem?

REMEMBER this is the greatest single natural animal disaster to ever happen in history.

These farmers, their families, the employees all loved and cared for these cattle. Think long and hard about them.

We as proud Australians must continue to keep this event from being swept under the carpet. This northern part of QLD is a long way from any major city, but the people and the land is still AUSTRALIAN. So lets never forget that.

So l ask everyone don't stop talking about it and don't stop reminding every politician you can. You can find your local member's contact details here.

Thank you.

David Nolan a proud Australian with a long bush heritage

It has never happened to so many animals in one event in the history of the world.

*There are forecasts these figures may even significantly increase in the coming weeks.

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