Advertise with Property Observer

Advertise with Property Observer
Advertise with Property Observer

Australia’s leading online destination for readers who want to increase their wealth through property.

Advertising with Property Observer is a unique opportunity to reach a versatile audience through a variety of platforms including sponsored posts, display advertising, email marketing and eBooks.

We help our partners reach a readership that spans from those interested in the property market to those starting out on their first property acquisition, and onto those who are contemplating their second or more Investment Property. 

By partnering with us, you can promote your products or services to an active audience and we will work with you to best strategise your advertising campaign. 

Advertise with Property Observer

Our Advertising Mediums

Display Advertising

Use valuable space on our website to catch the attention of readers with eye-capturing graphics. 

Sizes: half page tower ad, MREC, leaderboard, wide skyscraper

Sponsored Article

Sponsored articles include a supplied article on the website and in the daily newsletter, and presents a good opportunity to reach a large audience whilst targeting 20,000 subscribers through email marketing

Article Series

A series of 6 supplied articles on a carousel rotation on our website with included space for a MREC, hosted for a month 


Sponsored PDF downloadable by readers, which offers advertisers exclusive integrated placements around themed magazine-style feature

Solus Email

A solus email is one of the few targeted advertising methods that reach busy investors without the distractions of competitors, as well as leveraging Property Observer’s credibility 

Newsletter Sponsorship

Use prime positioning in either our daily newsletter or commercial newsletter to engage subscribers with your display advertising

Contact us via [email protected] to find out more about how you can reach your future clients

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