NSW North Coast irrigators getting nervous: HTW Rural

NSW North Coast irrigators getting nervous: HTW Rural
NSW North Coast irrigators getting nervous: HTW Rural

The NSW North Coast is currently dry with cold nights, but has not yet suffered as severely as the more western areas, according to the Herron Todd White rural report.

The valuation firm took a look at the current seasonal conditions in the local area and the impacts on the local property markets.

"In terms of livestock there is still some cattle feed and adequate stock water generally in NSW North Coast.

"The feed gap in this location is traditionally during winter and early spring.

"It is a summer dominant rainfall location and graziers will be eagerly awaiting the late spring and early summer storms," the report stated.

Macadamia growers are mostly located near the coast and will be hoping for rain from September onwards for the flowering period.

Sugar cane growers on the lower peat soils will have just enough moisture to plant sugar cane when the soil temperature rises above 17 degrees Celsius.

The valuers noted "some heavy clay soils may be too dry to plant until some rainfall is received. Harvesting conditions are ideal given the dry conditions. CCS levels are very good for this time of the year with Condong Mill around 12.4, Broadwater Mill around 13.2 and Harwood about 12.9. This reflects the dry conditions and low ash levels (impurities such as soil etc)."

They concluded that, irrigators who pump from rivers and streams will be getting nervous as almost all of the rivers and creeks relied on are unregulated (do not have a major storage dam) and when water flows, drop pumping restrictions are triggered which limit the water that can be taken.

"This may affect dairy farmers, blueberry growers and other intensive horticultural operations in particular," the report noted.

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