Property Connect to market LiveOffer rental and sales platform in Dubai

Property Connect to market LiveOffer rental and sales platform in Dubai
Property Connect to market LiveOffer rental and sales platform in Dubai

Property Connect has entered into an agreement with Pipeline Marketing Management to market the LiveOffer platform in the GCC – Dubai and surrounding countries.

Property Connect's LiveOffer™ technology allows potential tenants to make an online offer on a rental property, thus creating a fair market value for properties.

It keeps landlords and perspective tenants updated on the market appraisal of the rental offering.

The GCC licence will allow Property Connect to distribute LiveOffer Rental and Auction products in a cost effective manner into a market renowned to be notoriously difficult to rent properties efficiently.

The market has a highly mobile international sales and tenancy base.

The LiveOffer platform is ideally suited to high density markets such as Dubai and other GCC countries, whilst also being able to integrate with emerging Blockchain solutions, Darren Patterson, CEO of Property Connect said.

The company continues to also discuss similar strategic partnerships in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Property Connect noted the rental and sales markets in Dubai and the surrounding GCC countries had softened in the past 12 months.

It suggests the transparency and efficiency provided by the LiveOffer platform can provide significant cost advantages to these markets.

The initial two year partnership can be extended.
The agreement is subject of satisfaction of several conditions, including obtaining all local regulatory approvals, due diligence and execution of formal documentation.

Pipeline is a business-to-business sales and business development organisation established by leading sales specialists, with over 50 years combined experience operating in the GCC.

They have a track record of market expansion and sales development for several leading enterprise companies, and deep local relationships.

As a term of the GCC Licence, the parties will explore additional opportunities with leading real estate agencies, developers, property portals, property investors and sovereign wealth funds in the GCC.

The parties believe there are opportunities in the GCC for the commercialisation of additional products developed by Property Connect.

The company has obtained preliminary legal advice confirming the LiveOffer platform can operate in the GCC, subject to obtaining all local regulatory approvals.

In addition to this, the Dubai Land Department has committed to becoming the world’s first end to end Real Estate Blockchain transaction marketplace.

This is aligned with the company’s objectives of simplifying and making real estate transactions more transparent and cost effective. The company is exploring direct involvement in this initiative as well as facilitating online property auctions with local developers and the government.

Darren Patterson said the licence was "the perfect way for Property Connect to efficiently scale its sales and distribution of the LiveOffer platform," whilst also establishing a wider investor base and support for future products in the company’s development pipeline.

"We anticipate this to be the first of several such licences for the LiveOffer platform internationally and domestically which will create material shareholder value.”


Joel Robinson

Joel Robinson

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