Record-breaking property sales activity for Bartercard

Record-breaking property sales activity for Bartercard
Record-breaking property sales activity for Bartercard

Sales are bolstering Bartercard’s property sector, with the network close to settling a record-breaking 100 properties this financial year.

The figure follows a highly successful 2016 and 2017 financial year for Bartercard, with sales up 71 percent.

It will mark the most successful year to date in property sales across the network’s 27-year history following the launch of the Bartercard Property website in 2016.

Bartercard’s real estate and development specialist Carl Hassard said members were seeing the benefits of investing in property via the network, which currently offers more than $140 million in listings.

With each property listed offering a set trade dollar component, members of the Bartercard network can use the digital currency towards the total purchase price of the property.

Hassard said by purchasing property using trade dollars, members could access an interest-free line of credit. 

“There is no other business known to me that will lend you funds interest-free and then send you the business to reduce that line of credit,” Mr Hassard said. 

In the past year, Bartercard South Gold Coast has helped its clients, being a mix of buyers and sellers, to settle a total of 18 properties via the network – with the total sales figure incorporating close to $1.1million in trade dollars.

To educate members of the benefits of buying and selling property on Bartercard, Mr Hassard has launched a series of informative property seminars, providing an unbiased professional opinion to members looking for a suitable property to invest in.

Mr Hassard said 97 per cent of property bought via Bartercard Property is for investment purposes with the property portfolio consisting of mainly investment-grade stock. 

“Property investment is an ideal way to use trade dollars to achieve long-term financial prosperity,” said Mr Hassard.

“This can result in a margin, or purchasing discount, to the buyer on the total purchase price when buying a property.” 

There are around 240 properties currently listed onsite for sale.  

Bartercard founder and South Gold Coast franchise principal Andrew Federowsky said Bartercard Property is just another great way for members to utilise their trade dollars. 

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