Larry Emdur helps daughter with Bellevue Hill unit buy

Larry Emdur helps daughter with Bellevue Hill unit buy
Larry Emdur helps daughter with Bellevue Hill unit buy

Tia Emdur, the 19 year old daughter of Channel 7 star Larry Emdur, has wasted no time in securing her first property acquisition.

But she's done it with her property loving parents, Larry and Sylvie.

The threesome have spent $1.08 million on a three bedroom apartment in Marlborough, a three story 1930s Bellevue Hill complex. 

With 77 square metres of top floor space, including one bathroom, it was snapped up after just two weeks on the market. 

The apartment previously sold in 2007 at $525,000. 

The block's last highest sale was $980,000 in mid-2017.

Last December Tia, who has aspirations of becoming a fashion designer, greeted her father live on the set with a Ferrero Rocher garnished chocolate cake for his 53rd birthday. 

Larry, who is stateside with the Today Show team, has always Instagramed how proud of his daughter he is.

'Tia's one of my favourite human beings in the universe."

Property is one passion the family share, the other indulged in by the family is tattoos.

Larry has two tatts relating to his children. Last year he had the Aquarius astrological symbol inked on his chest for Tia, while a few years ago he had the words 'If not now, when?' tattooed as tribute to Jye on his bicep.

The family's Bondi Beach heartland properties have been refreshed recently and put up for rent.

Neither have been offered publicly to the rental market since 2010, so Larry is set to nearly double his money in rental income.

Emdur bought both properties in 2001 when he was hosting the short-lived game show Cash Bonanza.

The first purchase was a Brighton Boulevarde apartment at the north end of the beach, near Larry and Sylvie's former Dover Heights residence which was sold to accountant Anthony Bell last year for $11.5 million.

He paid $318,000 for the one bedroom unit then scored a $330 a week tenant in 2001.

This rose to $380 in 2010 and now he's seeking $850 a week after a recent renovation.

The second apartment purchase came later in 2001, down at the south end of the beach.

The Glen Street unit cost a pricer $400,000 but it was for a two bedder.

Also recently renovated, the apartment fetched $370 a week in 2007. Now its asking $900.

Emdur still spends plenty of time at the beach despite selling the Dover Heights home. They stay at another one of Emdur's long held properties, his longest held infact.

That's a two bedroom Ramsgate Avenue unit on the Ben Buckler that set him back $375,000 in 1992.

They recently had Jye and Tia over for dinner overlooking Bondi Beach.

Larry wasn't allowed in the Instagram photo because he didn't have the red shoes, red shirt combo the fashion conscious kids were sporting.

This article first appeared in The Daily Telegraph. 

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