Russia's Kremlin-inspired Dream Island amusement park aims for 50 million annual visitors

Russia's Kremlin-inspired Dream Island amusement park aims for 50 million annual visitors
Russia's Kremlin-inspired Dream Island amusement park aims for 50 million annual visitors

Dream Island, designed as the first large-scale leisure destination in Russia, is set to create new opportunities for family recreation in Russia.

There will be an indoor amusement park, the riverfront scheme provides a regional shopping centre, outdoor leisure facilities, a 400-key 4-Star hotel, a concert hall and a yacht club.

Details were presented at the international investment exhibition MIPIM in Cannes last week.

The Dream Island city resort includes the world's largest indoor theme park with 29 most modern amusement rides, a city promenade with more than 200 shops and 50 restaurants and cafes, cinema and a concert hall, and a spacious landscape park with a sports area.

The opening of the first stage of the project is planned in 2019 in Moscow, in the picturesque Nagatinskaya bottomland. 

Dream Island is a socially significant project not only for Moscow, but for all Russia, representatives advised.

Russia's Kremlin-inspired Dream Island amusement park aims for 50 million annual visitors

It will improve the quality of the urban environment, investment attractiveness and competitiveness of Moscow against the background of foreign megacities.

In 2017 Dream Island won several Russian and international awards at once: “Best Project in Field of Commercial Real Estate" according to PROESTATE AWARDS 2017 federal prize, the best project in the nomination "Public Areas" in Good Innovations 2017 competition, as well as the victory in the regional stage of the prestigious international European Property Awards in the nomination “Leisure Development”. 

Theme parks around the world are powerful drivers for development of the tourism industry.

It is expected that their role will increase in the future, so key principles of their deployment will have an increasing impact on both regional and international tourism.

The Dream Island family city resort will become one of the most visited sights of the capital.

It is expected to host about 50 million people annually, including flows of the local tourism (the Moscow metropolitan area), internal and external tourism.

The opening of the Dream Island Park is supposed to increase tourist flows to Moscow by 16%, which is about 3 million new tourists annually, and the share of tourism consumption in the gross regional product (GRP) of Moscow – by 70 billion rubles, Amiran Mutsoev, Chairman of the Board of Dream Island holding company, said.

Chapman Taylor provided the masterplan and concept design.

Architecturally the building expresses its purpose of amusing children by appearing as a wonderland.

The concept design is loosely related to historic Kremlin architecture that can be found in many ancient Russian cities. It is also inspired by imposing Gothic buildings of Western Europe.


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I think this is just a great idea. Most likely, Russia realized how important it is to have places like Disney Land, where you can return to childhood and visit a fairy tale. It seems to me that everyone wants their dreams to come true. It's like the American dream, with the help of a good resource, it is just that it is important, even if it does not come true. Let's see if this dream island is made, I wish them good luck. I think people will be happier with places like this.
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