Far west NSW rural prices matching tablelands country: HTW

Far west NSW rural prices matching tablelands country: HTW
Far west NSW rural prices matching tablelands country: HTW

The general market in southern and western New South Wales continues to show strengthening signs, according to the latest HTW report.

"Generally we have seen the level of sales activity drop slightly, however this is a reflection of a lack of stock rather than a softening of market interest overall," the March 2018 update by the valuation firm advised.

In far western New South Wales, HTW valuer Scott Fuller noted new benchmark levels set in dollar per DSE rates achieved.

The sale of Berta Station which is a 43,500 hectare holding with a carrying capacity of 10,000 DSE located 120 kilometres south-west of Broken Hill on the South Australian border recently sold for $5.38 million which equates to $124 per hectare overall.

From a productive capacity basis this equates to $527 per DSE.

"These rates are generally seen in tablelands country in far higher rainfall areas," Fuller said.

"Like all market activity there are always outlying sales and it appears that this sale is one of those, however it does indicate the willingness of buyers in the current market to stretch the normal excepted boundaries in terms of a value perspective," he said. 

Two examples of the level of strengthening included a recently visited, large mostly arable grazing property in the Cootamundra area which we last valued in June 2016.

"Our current assessed value for the same property has risen by 26 percent over the 19 month period, with a number of solid large-scale sales to support this assessment.

"This equates to 1.4% per month over 19 months which is quite phenomenal.

"We have also revisited some larger grazing properties to the north-east of Broken Hill which were last valued in late 2014.

"Our current assessment indicated a 28.8% rise in overall value which equates to 9% per annum - still a strong result."

Fuller advised when building a business plan for a rural purchase at present, it would be prudent not to allow for any capital growth in the short to medium term as this same situation occurred back in 2008.

"Our experience then indicated that generally the market in New South Wales peaked in late 2008 and general value levels softened slightly and then were steady for a number of years.

"There were a number of corporate purchases made at this time and our relationship with these assets over the ensuing years showed that the original value levels were not reached again for approximately six to seven years.

"While we are not saying that the market will perform exactly the same, it does have a history of repeating and our expectations are that a similar scenario will result over the coming 12 to 18 months.

"The difference in 2018 is that our interest rates are at record lows and are still encouraging investment from within the industry, so we may just see the golden period continue for a bit longer yet!"

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