Why advertise on Property Observer

Why advertise on Property Observer
Why advertise on Property Observer

Property Observer is a source of independent news and information for property investors and astute buyers, so they can make informed property investment decisions.

We offer authoritative coverage about the homes we live in and the investments that top up our incomes.

The website offers wisdom on winning ways with property commentary from key economic and industry practitioners. 

We want our readers to get wisdom, not clichés.

Property Observer gives advertisers access to a highly targeted audience of astute buyers and investors. Our solutions include partnerships, display advertising, ebooks, and sponsored links.

Property Observer will tailor a campaign specific to your needs.

As most of the digital world fixates on the pursuit of mass audiences who come and go without trace, there’s actually an even more valuable commodity: the quality digital audience. 

Our readers are in the market to buy.* **

Why advertise on Property Observer

This has been Property Observer territory since 2011. 

Our specialist website connects with truly engaged readers who rely on our journalism to understand the issues that matter in their lives when it comes to property purchases and investments.

Property Observer has been custom-delivered for key networks of those in the property market, and also those who would be if they found the right offering. 

We are also read by professionals, influencers, industry specialists, policy-makers and entrepreneurs. 

They come to our digital masthead, often daily, for journalism that equips them with up-to-date information, intelligence and insights to understand what is happening in their own locality and across Australia. They might also be keen for some property gossip.

We work collaboratively with our commercial partners to develop content and advertising that resonates with the readers.

For any advertising inquiries, and to request a media kit please contact [email protected]

* 46 percent of responses in the readers' survey Dec 2017/Jan 2018 indicate they are seeking to buy an Investment Property in 2018

** 41 percent of responses in the readers' survey Spring 2017 indicated the investors were looking to purchase a property in a state other than their home state.



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