Blueprint for a Greater Sydney unveiled

Blueprint for a Greater Sydney unveiled
Blueprint for a Greater Sydney unveiled

The Greater Sydney Commission’s draft plan and strategy for Greater Sydney, which is expected to grow by another 1.7 million people in the next two decades, has been applauded by the Planning Institute Australia.

Earlier, the GSC launched the draft ‘Our Greater Sydney 2056’. The release includes the draft 20-year Greater Sydney Regional Plan and a 40-year vision. The GSC took note of the feedback from PIA for its draft.

The plan is accompanied by the state government’s draft Future Transport Strategy 2056. 

PIA NSW president Jenny Rudolph said it is a blueprint for a city that is well networked, green and focussed around the needs of its people and businesses.

The structure plan expands on the theme of better connecting the Western, Central and Eastern Cities with their ’30-minute’ catchments. It creates the radial structure that Sydney needs to grow sustainably.

Rudolph added that the GSC had addressed the feedback from PIA and the planning industry, to focus on ensuring growth can be supported by creating great places to live and work.

PIA NSW has argued for the management of growth with local and state infrastructure in all submissions on the District Plans, Regional Plans and the EP&A planning reforms. 

In particular, it supports:

  • Realignment of infrastructure investment to support the critical roles of Sydney’s Central and Western cities – especially passenger transit and freight links;
  • Engagement with community and councils in the preparation of Growth Infrastructure Compacts;
  • Funding the ‘Green Grid’ open space network and green infrastructure systems - and measures for a socially resilient and environmentally sustainable Greater Sydney
  • Affordable rental housing targets alongside initiatives improving housing diversity and targets for housing growth – via local housing strategies;
  • A focus on the productivity and networked connection of our strategic centres, business and freight hubs – especially supporting industrial lands for urban services and sustaining the economy of our key commercial cores;
  • Vision for stronger and faster connections with NSW regions; and
  • Recognition of the Metropolitan Rural Area for its landscape and rural productivity – not as urban land in waiting.

Rudolph said the PIA expected improvements in living conditions to accompany sustainable growth, which would be the yardstick for the success of the plan.

The plan will be on exhibition until 15 December 2017. 


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